Weekly writing challenge: Dystopia

My first Blog here and where to start? With a challenge methinks.

I subscribed to ‘Daily Post’ via my other Blog and having received an email about a writing challenege it made me think.

Can I write off the cuff? Photography I can do. Writing? Dystopia?
Let’s see.

Here is my effort.

Image Source Mass Effect

September 19th 2063:

I am 100 years old today. I am surprised. Very surprised. The thing  is, 46 of them don’t count. Cryogenics allowed me to be  frozen  at 54 years old in 2017.  I don’t remember the accident but the records state it is what happened. Hit by a tram. A slow tram. Messy!

So here I am now. Happy Birthday. I think.

The nurse, I can’t tell if it’s a he or a she,  has me fill out some documentation on a touch screen device that is far more advanced than the i-pads which were all the rage when I got trammed. She uses it to scan my iris for an ID signature and tells me I am now ‘Registered’

“You can move about freely now within the Citadel” she tells me.

“The Citadel?”

“All of this” she waves a hand. “You can find your way around by scanning”.

She places her wrist in front of a black screen on the wall.  A three dimensional holographic figure appears in mid air and after wishing her a good day, asks her what information she requires.

“System check” she replies and the hologram shuts down.

“See. It’s easy” she adds.

” How does that work?”

“Microchip implant technology in your wrist. You can’t live in the Citadel without it, nor can you access the Registrar”

“The registrar?”

“The holographic figure. It is the font of all knowledge here in the Citadel.”


“Yes. It is a super computer developed in the year 2040 by the Gates Foundation. It has superseded the need for man management, politics and religion. The registrar is a fully functional self maintaining ‘Generative Organism Device’  or GOD as we like to call it”


“No” she says, “Fact”

I scan my wrist.

“Good day sir. How may I assist you?”

“What is a Citadel?”

An image is projected in the air in front of me…it’s a large City…surrounded by what appears to be a dome.

“The Citadels provide accommodation, food, work and recreation for the Registered. Registered citizens can take advantage of the many levels of membership of the Citadel. You have a basic membership which allows you living space, work permits and access to FreeRec, our level 1 entertainments package.”

It turns out that there are 9 levels of membership culminating in membership of the Sanctuary. Members of the sanctuary need not work and are made up of the glitterati of this world. Actors, vj’s and game programmers have become the most celebrated people in this society as watching TV and film, playing in  gaming worlds and attending virtual raves was the popular choice of entertainment.

“What happens if I am not registered?”

“That is not possible in the Citadel”

“Does anyone live outside the Citadel?”

“Yes. The unregistered. They are anarchic, tribal and cannot access the Citadel because they have no implants”

“Where do I eat?”

“There is no need. A solution of necessary nutrients and fluids is released into your body at timed intervals via an organoprocessor in your brain. It creates a viable synthesis which allows full health to be maintained.”

“Alcohol? Drugs?”

“These are available at higher levels of membership”

“And I get there how?”

“You become famous. Opportunities for fame are presented at all levels of membership via reality TV talent shows.”


“Higher level membership”

“Where do I work?”

“You have been allocated to Energy transmission. You are required to run or cycle daily to help power our infrastructure. Good running and/or cycling will result in credits, which can be used to gain higher membership levels”

“Wow. So it really has become a Rat Race?” I thought out loud.

“There are no rats in the Citadel” said the Hologram.

I’m going to stop there because as an exercise this has already opened up a minefield inside my head. What do they believe in here? What are the unregistered people like.? How does GOD work? Are there laws?

Just a Short piece of free writing and I would need to spend the next few weeks doing research to add to just this beginning.

So that’s it from me…the first new shoots of a story…a glimpse into my idea of Dystopia.

Maybe there’ll be more.

Follow this link for other entries.

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