On the run

Today my inbox contained this Daily Post

Daily Prompt: Seven Days
by michelle w. on March 7, 2013

You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.

$10,000 on my dresser this morning. That’s pretty weird. I live in the UK and to my knowledge have no American philanthropic friends. Where did the money come from? I close my eyes and enter into a trance. I travel through my subconscious landscape where everything that has ever happened is contained in a form of wave energies which manifest as talking mice and discover that the money has been materialised by a Vodun Shaman by the name of Doc Jon in Haiti. The dollars were unmarked and quite possibly linked to a series of bank robberies that occurred in New York some time around 5am the previous day. The mice have no more for me. When I return from my meditation there is a note with the money which reads.

Hi. You have been fingered as the robber of this cash and 24 hours from now you will have Interpol and the CIA on your tail. The amount may seem insignificant but it is only a small portion of the $10,000,000 stolen. The only traceable portion too. You may be wondering at this point “Why me?” and you’d be right to do so. All I can say at this moment is this. It was the mice. That and that the fact that I like to fuck with people. Your life as you knew it will now be on hold for the next 7 days.If you can evade them for that time I’ll give you half the $10,000,000.

Doc Jon.

This is not really the start to the day that I want.The good news is that I have 24 hours to get myself ahead of the chasing pack and the possibility of a significant pay cheque at the week’s end. I need a plan. Fast. I decide not to go the subconscious route. Damn those mice.

I discover that the cash is worth £6648.72 in English money and somehow it comforts me to think of it as pounds. If I have been fingered, my address will be made available so I need to leave pronto. But where to go? How do you begin to hide from law enforcement and government agencies? Leave the country and they will know because of iris recognition technology on my passport. Use my own bank account they’ll find me too. Can’t use the mobile. It’s back to basics time.

Then it hits me. The house in the woods. My friend Archie is away in Thailand for a month. I know how to get in and out and if I go up there I can lay low for a week without too much bother. I think. I’ll need to stock up on food.With cash. I need to change dollars into pounds. Can I do that without alerting them? The chasers.

I check the bank. Not mine though. They want ID to change money. Shit. What to do? I walk half a mile to a friends house. I explain that I have a problem with my bank and I need to change dollars from a recent trip to New York. They buy it because as a musician I am always hopping on planes and gigging here and there. I offer them $1000 for £500 cash and ask if they will do this for me. No problem. Sorted.

I load my vehicle, move all the goods to Archie’s and then bring the vehicle back and park it in it’s regular spot. I walk back the few miles to the house in the woods.

I close the door and I sit down. Can I stay holed up for a whole week? Can I risk leaving the house at all? How long will it take them to figure out I am still here in the UK? Perhaps staying right where they would least expect me to be is too smart for my own good. Jesus, it’s only day 1 and my paranoia is already heightened. My anxiety levels are ridiculously high. I can feel my pulse racing, my breath tightening and my heart pounding. My head feels lighter. There’s a knock at the door.


I wake up. Bloody hell. It was dream. Thank God for that. I stretch and step out of bed.

On the dresser there is a note and a large pile of what looks like dollars. Oh boy!


This has been a free writing response to the Daily Prompt, all penned in the moment. Hope you enjoy.

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