Driven to abstraction

So this week the weekly writing challenge is a photographic based assignment. Whoop de doo. I love photography.

What I have very quickly realised however is that I do not love the photo editing section offered by WordPress and suggested by the DPChallenge. Annoying isn’t the word and whilst it has given me something to write about it has also taken away half an hour of my life that I will never get back. It is to be blunt, useless. If you want to edit photo’s don’t use this platform. Edit your photos first elsewhere. Use Picassa, use Photoscape, Use Photoshop.

Don’t use WordPress for photo editing. Even an action as simple as cropping turns into a vaudevillian escapade of insane proportions. I edit photos a lot. This set of tools had me reaching for a sledgehammer to smash the screen with. Ok. Maybe I have anger issues. Maybe it’s not to do with WordPress at all.

Fuck No.

WordPress. I love you. For writing in. Stay away from photo editing. Please.

Anyone else who has reached the end of their tether with this exercise should now avail themselves of these cropped ( In Photoshop of course) images designed to bring a little serenity back to proceedings.

Once I have completed this blog I will be off out for a walk with my mobile to attempt the Phoneography challenge. Let’s hope the phone survives 😉

crop 2


crop 3


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15 thoughts on “Driven to abstraction

  1. Dirk Porsche says:

    Strange. I don’t have any issues with editing images in WP. I think I have almost no photo I didn’t crop with WP.

    Well I don’t have a professional photo editing program either. Just the Gimp.

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