Degrees of Right

Daily Prompt: 180 Degrees
by michelle w. on March 14, 2013

Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t.

What is this concept? This 180? I know it not.

I was born on September 19th 1963. I am, as the stars would have it, a VIRGO.

Yep. I am Always right. Always!

I do not change  my views, as they are right. I do not change direction, because I always go the right way and I never, I repeat NEVER, act in a way that I ordinarily wouldn’t. Why change perfection?

There is no room in the word ALWAYS for a 180. There is no concept of having to change one’s mind as a VIRGO because we are singularly CORRECT about everything ALL of the time. I cannot make a mistake because I am the astrological equivalent of perfection. The universe could not exist without this sublime sense of order that the Virgo brings. You ( non Virgoan’s) would be in all sorts of trouble without us. Good God, imagine letting that Aries lot run the place. Oh we might have fun and we might laugh and be carefree but who would do the tidying up I ask you? Remember the mice in The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Virgos to the last man… err mouse!

I read this Daily Prompt and had what I thought was writers block for a while. Then I realised the problem. How can I access a memory that never existed? How can I write about a 180 from a vantage point of no first hand knowledge? It would be fraudulent of me to even consider such a thing. It would be remiss of me to allow you to forge in your minds, even for a fleeting moment, the idea that a VIRGO could do a 180.

A Virgo can’t even think about doing a 180. I’m amazed I can even type the phrase, so foreign is it to me.

So, whilst I am sure there are some wonderful blogs being written this very moment about how you changed your mind, or did it differently, you can all rest assured that there is one very tidy corner of the world where nothing ever changes. Where perfection abides. Where Virgo’s live.

I hope that brings you comfort in your world of change and 180’s.

I will sit here in this moment of perfection and I will watch with my Zen mind the interactions of the blogosphere. I will sit in this stillness and contemplate everything. I will notice in this transcendent landscape, the perfection of it all. How even chaos has order. How every waking moment is refreshed an created anew. How the whole universe is contained within one tiny grain of sand. Microcosm and macrocosm in harmony together.

Zen Mind.

Virgo mind.

I will notice how everything, including the 180 has it’s place in the moment. I will consider this at a deep and profound level and I will return to my waking consciousness with the view that everything is possible.

Even a Virgo can do a 180 😉


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12 thoughts on “Degrees of Right

  1. TammyeHoney says:

    I am right on the cusp of Virgo to Libra so I am in one of those awkward positions in life. Much of the time I will weigh out a situation. When I make a decision. It is normally iron clad. That is what confused my children so much when I met my new hubby and actually married him lol. I had been divorced longer than I had been married at 16 1/2 years of marriage to have him tell me he was getting married to a 21 yr old and that was why he needed the divorce.

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