Hocus Pocus

Creative Writing Challenge: 2AM Photo

by Michael Pick on March 18, 2013

It’s 2AM and your phone has just buzzed you, filling the room in white-blue LED light. You have a message. It’s a photo. No words, no explanation. Just a photo. Tell us all about it. And what happens next.

Most folk are probably asleep at 2am. Me, I’m blogging. It’s a creative time for me, the early hours. Doesn’t help with the rest of my day but hey ho it’s how I roll.

The phone buzzes. It’s a text. At 2am when I’m not out with friends.. Pretty unusual. I pick up the sleek black Samsung Galaxy S2 that sits on my pc desk and hit message.

It’s a photo. This photo.

Shit. I never thought this would actually happen. Seriously. What a joke.

I mean I have done all sorts of weird workshops in my time. Weird Tantric Yoga (don’t ask), Meditation to develop Levitational abilities (Yogic Flying), Physical Immortality ( yup stay here in this body for ever…I know!!) This particular workshop had been a talk about The Ascension Prophecies, and whilst this was not a subject of real interest to me there was an ulterior motive for attending.Tanya. She was my gorgeous, cosmic and very very sexy best friend that I didn’t want to be just best friends with. She was into all kinds of New Age stuff and so now, was I. Yes OK, it’s shallow and It’ll probably get me nowhere but hey, a fella has to try right?

So anyways, we had attended this talk titled The Ascension Prophecies about a moment in the not too distant future when, according to Ashtar the ‘Being’ being channeled by our host Melody, there would be a significant Earth cleansing and that those who had prepared themselves correctly would be able to ascend away from this 3rd dimension into a safer 4th dimension whilst the earth floode once more a la Noah and the Ark. Ashtar informed us that the planet was approaching a time in it’s evolutionary cycle when dramatic change would come upon it.This was a cyclical thing ( enter Noah again) and was necessary for the Earth to continue to evolve. Humanity or some of it, was expendable. This reminded me of the moment when poor old Arthur Dent was told the Earth was to be ‘Bulldozed’ to make way for some kind of Galactic Super Highway in the wonderful BBC adaptation of The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

I disguised my un-suppressible giggle as a cough. Tanya looked at me and said “Are you OK?”

“I’m fine. Frog in my throat” She smiled, all big eyes and cosmic-ness. I swooned internally and vowed to do my best to stay on board with the talk.

Melody had put up a slide now with a quote from The Master Sanat Kumara, channeled by brother Phillip in a book called ‘Secret of the Andes’.

 The cause of the destruction that shall come upon the Earth is from man’s own thinking. The elements! They are intelligent life! They are part of the infinite one and will not respons to man’s negative thinking any longer. They will rebel causing great tidal waves and winds.

This was all pretty biblical stuff. I hung in there for the next two hours whilst we were given information about how we could avoid the flood and what preparations we needed to do.Upon leaving we were asked for our mobile numbers. I didn’t want junk txt so asked why. At the ascension moment you will receive a text of an image of the creative ovum we showed during the talk tonight.

This was that text.

We were instructed at the time to head for a particular point where ascension would take place. A sacred spot if you like. I wondered. Would anyone be there. Really? Would Tanya? We’d drifted since the talk. I wasn’t going to start doing a daily vibrational awareness meditation as well as totally change my diet and meet up regularly with Melody and the group for ‘attunements’ She was unimpressed with my lack of commitment. Gorgeous as she was I was now starting to think Tanya was just a misguided soul and a slightly kooky individual.

I was curious though. I drove out to the ‘Heights’ a small hill overlooking the City and parked my car. It wasn’t alone. I walked a short distance and there on the hill was a circle of people holding hands and chanting OM. They looked cute I suppose and I thought of the previous end of the worlds I had attended with Tanya, back as far as 1999 and more recently the 12/12/2012. This was now Sept 21st 2013, apparently the Higher Being had a sense of humour, it being my birthday.

I stood and watched for a while but it was getting cold and I wanted the warmth of my house and maybe a beer and a ciggie.I turned to the car when I felt it. A tremor. In the ground. Weird timing. I looked back up the hill to see if they had noticed and something was different about the scene.The light had changed. It was like they were glowing. Softly but definitely glowing. The tremor came again. Stronger. The group glowed more. This was getting freaky.

Then without so much as a Hare Krishna they disappeared. Into thin air.

“Oh fuck” I spoke out loud and as the tremors underfoot increased I ran a logical premise through my fazed brain. If they have just ascended, then the Earth is about to be cleansed and I’m ……”

The onrushing tidal wave swept me away before I could have that last thought.


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