Daily Prompt: INTJ
by michelle w. on March 20, 2013

Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet?

Upon receiving my Daily Prompt I must admit to having had ‘a moment’ A moment where I realised that I was probably in the small percentile of people who had no idea what INTJ meant. So I looked it up. I wish I hadn’t. To be honest the most striking sentence that stood out from my wiki explorations was this one:

The MBTI is not recognised as being scientifically valid, and is largely ignored within the field of psychology.

Now, regardless of validity, the thing that bugs me the most is the use of acronyms to deliver the various combinations of personality type. I don’t know about you, but just one look at that table below is enough to tell me I have too much personality to be wasting my time with this shit. ( Spellchecker hates it too)


Seriously. Sixteen possible variables each with 4 subsets. At this point, I will,  against my better judgement employ the aid of an acronym.


Who cares about parties and whether they freak me out or not? Just so you know I’d be the last one there and drinking whatever was left to drink 😉

Back to more serious matters. Myers Briggs and Acronyms.

Firstly Myers Briggs.

People, employers to be more accurate, actually use this stuff I have discovered, to determine the suitability of prospective employees.


I have researched this thoroughly but instead of posting a copy of this heavy tome here for your perusal, I will post this instead, on your behalf.


Here’s a personality test, which in order to be accurate with it’s answers, should ‘depend on honest self-reporting by the person tested.’* Well that’s gonna work. Not! Further studies suggest that ‘individuals motivated to do so can fake their responses.’**


I once ran a drumming for teambuilding session for a group of people who had spent the morning learning about MBTI. (I paid so little attention to what they were talking about I did not even recognize MBTI language in the DP. Hurray for me.) They were devoid of any type of personality after that session and found human interaction through rhythm almost impossible. Thanks Myers Briggs.

Honestly, if a potential employer asked me to fill out one of these things I would come to the following conclusions.

1.They had far too much time on their hands and couldn’t be doing much work given that one would probably have to undertake a degree in Jungian psychology to even begin to grasp the complexities wrapped up in this model well enough to even begin to decipher the prospective results coming your way. This of course would give rise to spin off employment opportunities for all those Jungian Psychologists who were thus far unemployed.

2.They did not understand people. Who needs to read the results of a personality test to give a job to someone? Really!  Unless of course by filling it in and going along with the nonsense in the first place, you reveal yourself to be exactly the kind of non sentient organism they are looking for. Good luck with THAT job.

3. They had taken the test and it made them look great so it had to work right?

So, I would refuse to put pen to paper and would make my exit with my dignity intact and one less list of acronymic nonsense in the world.

As you can tell form my post, I am not a big fan of the use of Acronym. Complete and utter waste of space. Even as a learning aid. You know the ones that you have to remember in order to remember something else. For example, in order to remember the planets in order from the Sun outwards you could use this.

My Very Earnest Mother Just Served Us Nine Pickles

If you could remember it that is. What if you only remembered My Mother Just Served Us 9 Pickles.You would inadvertently wipe out both Venus, possibly Neptune because you used a number instead and more importantly, The Earth. Not good I think you’d agree and very problematic when it comes to handing in your homework.( Which technically wouldn’t exist either which would be a relief, except that you’d be dead, which would not.)

As you can see Acronyms are potentially very hazardous to the very existence of life itself.Just ask any higher life form ( Commonly known as ET) Leave them alone. Speak in your mother tongue and write that way also.

Yes there are an abnormally high number of acronyms in this particular blog but you can blame Myers Briggs for that. Nothing to do with me or my personality type.OK.

Just reading about their test has had a negative effect on my ability to resist the urge to make use of acronyms but I know that deep down I am strong and that my inherently cast iron will poer can be employed at any given moment to bring me back to my senses and it is from this place pf power that I will close today’s scribbles.


*Isabel Mary H. McCaulley (1985). Manual: A Guide to the Development and Use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (2nd ed.). Palo Alto, CA: Consulting Psychologists Press. ISBN 0-89106-027-8.

** Furnham, A (1990). “Faking personality questionnaires: Fabricating different profiles for different purposes”. Current Psychology 9: 46–55. doi:10.1007/BF02686767


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14 thoughts on “Dilligas?

  1. ladyhawk87 says:

    Haha. Well – the MBTI is not bad actually – you need to be trained in it – we had a trainer who held a session for us and it was actually quite insightful. Not everyone who reads about it can actually “train” people in it. And there is a proper questionnaire that you need to fill out (not some run of the mill thing that anyone would make). I’m serious 😀

    • paulscribbles says:

      Hi ladyhawk87 Thanks for droppin in with a comment. I am sure you are serious but rest assured a ‘proper questionnaire’ will not sway me on this 🙂 It’s bunkum. Pure pop psychology even if it’s roots ar Jungian and whilst it might start a conversation of some value in the workplace that’s about the extent of it’s usefulness. In the manual ‘A Guide to the Development and Use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (2nd ed.) by M.H.McCaulley, it states that ‘The use of the MBTI as a predictor of job success is expressly discouraged’
      I wonder why?

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