Weekly Writing Challenge: The State of the State

by michelle w. on March 25, 2013
I have never engaged in any serious kind of political debate. In a sense I am politically ignorant. That doesn’t mean I don’t have views on things ‘Political’ but it does mean I won’t be able to hold my own in a debate on Keynesian Economic Theory or on the fundamental view of Karl Marx
My views on the state are defined by what I see around me. What I perceive. I perhaps don’t look in the same places as most when it comes to viewing the world around me. Being a photographer sometimes enables me to see with a different set of eyes. Being a musician helps me to hear things differently. Being somewhat left field skews my overall perspective anyway.
I don’t like the state or the idea of the state which I guess pushes me towards being Anarchistic.
My idea of Anarchy is one where we live in freedom to control our own destiny. I make the decisions that I want to based on my own criteria. Many squirm at the idea of Anarchy and always lean towards an idea that it will mean chaos and destruction. In answer to that I would say take a look around the world right now. There is plenty of chaos and destruction already, much of it state controlled and/or funded and whilst we live in a so called Democracy here in the UK  there are limits to what I perceive as freedoms.
Yes I have a voice and I can pretty much write what I want, sing pretty much what I want or make a film about pretty much what I want. Relative to other countries I am free. That’s what we are told at least.
Try just walking up to 10 Downing street for a chat with the PM or try being a nuisance to the political parties.
Like this guy was.

Brian William Haw (7 January 1949 – 18 June 2011)

or this guy

Julian Assange

The state will leave you be so long as you don’t get to close to the truth. In my opinion.

The state decided to go to war in Iraq against huge opposition from the population.

Still no WMD’s that I know of. Plenty of dead innocent Iraqi’s though.

The state gave unprecedented powers to the Banks. Nice work there. We are all broke now whilst they pay themselves huge amounts in share options whilst declining their bonus to make it look like they give a shit.
The state can pretty much do what it wants until election time comes around and they promise to improve and the electorate buy into it , albeit in ever decreasing numbers, and the whole cycle starts again. Over the last 20 years I have struggled to tell the difference between the left and the right on many policies. It’s just so bland, media spin based and homogenous to me. None of these people represent the world I inhabit. Even the few that really care. They will never be in power anyway. Ever.
Do You think David Cameron cares. Really? Or George Osbourne? Have a look.
Hmmm. Hard to tell huh? 🙂
So what do I do about it? The state? I pretty much ignore it where I can.
As I stated at the beginning I am politically ignorant. My view of the state is intuitive to some extent but in my heart we would be better without it.
I am not out being part of Occupy. Nor am I protesting on street corners.
I live my life in a simple way and try very hard not to leave too deep a footprint. Ecologically speaking. In my work I create community though music and I believe very strongly in the power of that. So much so that I do a lot of work for free. I have raised 3 children to think for themselves and to be independent in all that they do.
All I can do is live my life within the context that is present. As I don’t vote I tend not to get involved in politics or political discussion but I do have a rant from time to time about the banks and the lack of accountability that appears to exist in Government.
Would I want a place of power like that? Nope. I am into a different kind of power. The kind where I can give away what I have to help another. The kind where I will think before I act about the consequences to others.The kind where I will put my community first. The kind where people wake up to the connection they have with each other as opposed to the discrimination and separateness the state creates through it’s faceless spin led media fronted nonsense. I want to live in a world where we care about each other enough to let each other be.Ultimately I would like to own my own Eco House in the woods that is passive and has a drumming dojo attached to it.
Somewhere people can come to just BE for a while without the stresses of modern living. I would like for my actual life to represent a possibility.
One choice amongst the many. And I would be happy for all sentient beings to be free to pursue their own path. That’s my idea of Anarchy and there is no room for the state in there.

4 thoughts on “Statement

  1. SoundEagle says:

    SoundEagle has read and savoured this particular post carefully. Thank you very much, Paul, for caring deeply about others, as evidenced by the wide-ranging issues and scenarios that you have covered. This particular post of yours has convinced SoundEagle to subscribe to your blog.

    Like you, SoundEagle has done a lot of pro bono works over the years to help and/or save others. We are also both musicians and writers. Moreover, SoundEagle believes that in some significant ways we are kindred spirits, for we share many similar things, not the least our fondness for music, poetry, writing and helping.

    Happy September to you and your family, Paul!

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