All Things

Daily Prompt: Odd Couple

by michelle w. on March 31, 2013

Does a messy home (or office) make you anxious and cranky, or is cleaning something you just do before company comes over?

Cleaning for us ( Mrs Scribbles and I ) is pretty much a ‘long way down the priority list’ kinda activity but we will occasionally have a glut and give everything a once over. After cooking we tend to wash and clean as we go. Brooms will come out when there is a visible need for sweeping the stone floors in the kitchen of our Yorkshire residence and we will hoover the Arabic Rug once a week that covers the wooden floor of the living room.

We do not dust. Ever.

It’s really not a dirty house though. It feels lived in. Homely.

But it is messy.

Mrs Scribbles is a squirreler of All Things. All Things I tell you. Every free space is full.

There is no free space.


As a Virgo I am supposed to be clean and tidy.

Reality 1 v Astrology 0

I am a messy bugger too.

I occasionally rail against Mrs Scribbles and her collecting of All Things, but she only has to point at the pile of clothes gathering dust by my side of the bed for me to be chastened sufficiently enough to shut the f*** up.

As we age disgracefully together we are, I believe, approaching a kind of Zen and the Art of Not Tidying Up state of mind. We are at one with our own chaos. We understand that from chaos comes All Things.

All Things that is except tidiness. Tidiness comes from a place of order, a place where will is implemented. A place where All Things cannot just be what they are where they are. We are the keepers of a space for All Things. We are the antithesis of tidy. We are not Godly either.

We are for want of a better phrase Happy as Pigs in Shit.

Come dear Reader and see for yourself this place of All Things.

See with my eyes this our world of bohemian disorder.

All Things are as they are.


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