Social Media

Daily Prompt: The Social Network
by michelle w. on April 1, 2013

Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where

all your friends and family are?

Of course I Get it.

I only ever use it because that’s where all my friends and family are.

Photography by Donald Phelan

I mean how else can you watch television together right?

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12 responses to “Social Media

  1. I don’t watch much television, I do not use social media except for WordPress and occasionally Instagram. I do have a twitter account but don’t no anyone. My family and friends can call me or the kids invariably text me.

    • Whilst my blog is a humorous take on the subject, implying that no-one at 50 years old ‘Gets It’, in reality I am pretty active on social media.
      Facebook,twitter, Instagram and now WordPress…and I watch TV too.

      Helps promote what I do work wise I find and also more people see my photography this way.
      Except the watching TV part.
      That’s just pure Lazy 😉

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  3. I think I would rather call it the social awkward, that is what happens most of the time. I use it, though it will take me a long time to realize when and why I want to use it.

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      • If you feel like giving credit, that photo was taken by Donald Phelan, my grandfather. That’s my mom in between my grandparents.

      • Thanks so much! This photo show up every now and then in the most random places, and hardly ever with credit. I think the only place I’ve seen it credited was at the Newseum in DC.

        It is always fun to see it, though. At the time, my mom and her siblings were quite put out, having to stare at the screen for so long, looking interested, while my grandfather took a ton of photos. But they all appreciate it now! Except my two youngest aunts who were upstairs in bed when the photo was taken. Haha.

      • You’re welcome. I don’t think credit was attached to the google img I found. Always happy to credit photographers.

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