Stoodley Pike

Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic
suggested by Erica on April 1, 2013
Photography by Paul Dear

Photography by Paul Dear

The Stoodley Pike Monument sits atop Stoodley Pike the hill, whose summit rises some 1300 feet
above sea level. According to local historians it was built to commemorate the surrender of Paris to
the Allies in 1815.

According to those of us  ‘in the know’  it was built for something entirely different.

For one it has a spiral staircase inside of 39 steps. That would make any writer stop and think huh?

How significant is that number? I could tell you of course but then I’d have to kill you.

The 39 steps will have to remain a mystery I’m afraid.

Secondly look at it’s shape. Remind you of anything?

Study the measurements of the Pike and you will find that it is built using the principles of Sacred Geometry.

It is essentially designed for flight. Not any old kind of flight though.

This is a time machine.

Poppycock I hear you say.

Think it through.





Remember The Nautilus.

That name was no accident.

At anytime of day or night The Pike can be used for Time Travel if you know how to operate it.

How do I know that?

I just do.

Fiction you cry!!


Let’s put the theory to the test. I traveled into the future last week and saw that this topic would be announced.

I blogged about this very subject.


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