The only way is out, baby.

Daily Prompt: Escape!
by michelle w. on April 3, 2013

Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).


I have already escaped. There was no plan. It was kind of an evolutionary move.

I have removed myself from the capitalist mindset that drives a significant proportion of the planet.

I have renounced totally and unequivocally all things material. Well the bits I don’t like anyhow.

I am keeping my van. It is useful. I am keeping my drums too.

They are the tools of my trade.They live in the van.

Of course I must keep my PC and my mobile phone.

How else would I blog Dear Reader?

My camera stays too because I would look very stupid owning a Photography Blog with no camera.

Yes I could use the phone but cameras look way more cool. Especially old film ones.

Then you can say ‘I am an Artist dahling’ at strangers who pass and ask.

Not that I am in any way bothered about how cool I look.

I am above all that nonsense now.

I will also drink an occasional cappuccino.

It will be necessary to relieve the stress of having totally given up everything.

Everything, I tell you. Apart from those essential things outlined above.

Those and the tobacco ( see cappuccino) and the occasional beer ( see tobacco) and

of course I have to eat so I may as well make sure it is quality produce.

I am now totally free from the power of advertising and the deeply subliminal tentacles of the media machine. Except when it comes to sport. Then I’m fucked to be honest.

I’m like some kind of Pavlovian sports experiment. If it appears, I will watch it.

I don’t watch anything else on TV though. Well not much.

I do like the Simpsons but they are subversive man so it doesn’t count and the TV

along with the house it lives in all belong to Mrs Scribbles, which makes her extremely

materialistic. In my eyes and absolves me totally from any claims of capitalistic

tendencies. Luckily for her though she has my enlightened being around the place to

help balance out her ‘Material Possessions Karma’

I would go and live in a cave and chant OM everyday, wearing naught but a loincloth,

but she would miss me terribly and so I have selflessly chosen to put her needs above

mine and to co-habit with her in this rather luxurious, fully furnished Yorkshire

Cottage in the Heart of the magnificent Calderdale countryside. Somebody has to live

here. I have also opted to eat a sumptuous 3 course meal every evening with her so

that she feels her cooking is appreciated. I’m that kind of guy.

You can do that sort of thing when you have escaped from the system.

When you are free.

So I will choose to live in the world but not be of it and I will meditate daily upon the

state of things in the hope that all of my fellow man will eventually follow suit.

Not Mrs Scribbles though. Somebody has to pay the mortgage.

This Blog was brought to you courtesy of Pure Escapism 😉

9 thoughts on “The only way is out, baby.

    • paulscribbles says:

      Hmm……perhaps my sarcastic tone wasn’t sarcastic enough…I was kinda taking the mickey out of myself. Maybe it doesn’t come across that way?

  1. Serena says:

    Is this post a little tongue in cheek Mr Scribbles because for someone who escapes you sure have a lot of ‘essentials’ – enjoyed the read anyway 🙂

    • paulscribbles says:

      Why Serena, you have uncovered me? I think it would be fair to say the whole of my tongue was in the whole of my cheek. Glad you enjoyed. x

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