No Way Hosé

Daily Prompt: Do-over!
by michelle w. on April 9, 2013

Go back to a blog post you always thought could be better, or were unsatisfied with — now, fix it.

In a word, NO!

Yes you heard me.

Sod Off Daily Prompt.
Not that I don’t see where you are coming from in this. Everything can I am sure be improved by another look, from a different place and perhaps a different time, but do you really expect me to have in my consciousness a singular blog that was unsatisfactory…so bad that it has kept me awake nights seeking out only the prompt of a higher being to allow me to write the wrongs.(Yes, I know what I did there ;))

Quite frankly Daily Prompt I am surprised at you. You must by now be aware of my ‘in the moment’ philosophy when it comes to writing. This stuff can’t be edited. How very dare you. Each stroke of the keyboard is a flick of the artists brush and each complete work a statement of the Here and Now that represents the conscious flow of this fledgling writer.

Would you ask Kerouac to edit On the Road or Ginsberg to take another look at Howl? No you bloody well wouldn’t and whilst I accept that I am in no way as highly regarded, well known or frankly that bothered about by anyone other than my 3 readers, as those two luminaries, I will not relinquish my right to art in it’s pure form. This form. Unedited.

Like a thought my blog comes into being and like a thought it passes. Such is life and what happens happens. Sometimes I get a comment. Sometimes more. Oftentimes very little takes place.

Care I one iota. No?


Because right now, here at this still-point in time, I am writing for me…wholly and unashamedly for me.

Life is hard right now and every time I sit and pen a blog I escape from that overwhelming reality.
It has become a kind of meditation…a way of practicing being in the moment…fully and consciously.

This moment.

Not last Thursdays moment.





18 thoughts on “No Way Hosé

  1. TammyeHoney says:

    Loved your post…the only reason I happened to have did today was that I combined two posts together…so they made a little more sense to my readers… did not change either…bravo to you and Mr. Atheist. Thank you for the ping back.

  2. angloswiss says:

    “Sod off” – are you a cockney, I though you are a Mancurian. Anyhow that is also my thought, but with my usual dark humour (which no-one really understands) I wrote a small piece (worthy of the Booker prize perhaps). I am up against jazz music, three cats and an evening meal when I write my treasured words for the daily prompt. sometims I even evacuate to another room. Did Hemingway have such problems? I also do not rewrite, so get stuffed daily prompt for today.

    • Mr. Atheist says:

      Hahahaha! Get stuffed! Sod off! It is like skipping near the River and listening in on a conversation and getting caught. Ahem. That’s never happened. Just saying…uh, er, somethin’ I’d hear… if I WERE to have ove…. screw it. Yawp. It happened. Funny, innit?

      • paulscribbles says:

        There are many more where they came from…English here is another language…trust me 😉

      • Mr. Atheist says:

        Sod is grass to us. Not the smoking variety but the pre-grown type that we then install and make look like we’ve slaved away at lawn care for months. I know what you mean. 😉

  3. John Hric says:

    Paulscribbles, Well by the time I am done we will no doubt have more than just a ‘sod off’ and ‘get stuffed’ ( It has been a while since I heard that one and miss those moments ! ). So I will add an up your nose with a rubber hose. This ain’t english class and I am not rewriting for a grade. let it stand or let it fall, let’s just move on.

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