Weekly Writing Challenge

Weekly Writing Challenge: Playing With Space
by Erica on April 8, 2013

For this week’s challenge, write us a poem. The poem can be about anything you choose, and in any style you choose. The catch: play around with the formatting in your verse by following the tips we’ve shared in this post, or taking a look at our Writing and Formatting Poetry guide for more in-depth instructions.

I have not written any poetry since I was much younger so I have had a wee trawl through some old journals and I came up with this, written in 1984 when I would have been 20. I remember sitting in heavy rain watching an ants nest get pretty much washed away and the subsequent activity that followed. This, I am thinking now, was kind of inspired by that incident.
The wind howls across the open moor
                      grass cowering at its command

         the towering clouds loom silently above



                      bursting with untold energies

all life is silent


and then

        the rain comes

             a sodden blanket strewn from the heavens
        splashing upon the earth
             destroying and yet creating

rivulets form
spreading outward from the disfigured raindrop

homes are destroyed and life is taken and given back

         the water seeps away and the air is fresh

                         the once monstrous clouds
                               now unladen
                         hang penitently in the sky

rebuilding begins and the 
             surface is a hive of activity

material is collected and plans reassessed
                   next time we shall be more prepared


             for now

                          the storm has passed

April is NaPoWriMo

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