Joy and goosebumps

As you may well know I love Sport…All of it…and this video is all about the good and the beauty in Sport. I dare you not to cry. Mr Scribbles.

This, that and the other thing

Some days are rougher than others and although I’m generally upbeat, last night things caught up with me.  It started when I accidentally knocked over the quart can (about 2/3 full) of wood stain and inadvertently stained not only a section of floor I wasn’t ready to stain, but parts of the TV table and DVD cases as well and some drops managed to get around or under all that onto the newly-painted walls.  It’s the sort of night when I realize that not only is my husband on his own six hours away, but I’m on my own, too.  Then this morning, I read I shouldn’t slide anything across refinished floors until they’re thoroughly dry–three to four months!!  Since my time frame is more like three to four days at most, how do I safely get the furniture back into its original location when there are pieces I…

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