A continuation of the passage of writing I have so far called Emergence…….

Jenna was in a groove now, pounding out a rhythm to the accompaniment of her i pod, which was kicking out some cool r n b sounds. She ran past the guy in the corner on his box…always there…always a bit odd looking she thought…she kinda felt sorry for him….he looked lonely and surely anyone who needed to get up on a soapbox to tell the world whatever it was he felt they should know, was a bit on the weird side. She liked to think she was not a judgmental person but that was her flaw. She actually believed she was superior to everyone else. You wouldn’t hear her say that but deep down it’s what she thought. For years she had held such strong core beliefs.
Her parents had moved to England from the West Coast of Ireland in the late 1950’s and she had been baptised a Catholic, received Holy Communion at seven years old  and confirmed her faith by the time she was eleven. Her confirmation name had been Bernadette and she had fallen in love with the story of this young saint, which she was asked to learn about for the ceremony. At some level she still believed that Bernadette was her own personal angel who looked out for her. As she grew older she had became disenchanted with the church and eventually lapsed. Her belief in a divine being however stuck fast, and in Bernadette the guardian angel, and she had since dabbled with Transcendental Meditation, Rebirthing, Buddhism, Mindfulness Practice and more recently Yoga. All of this was part of her search for answers. For her Self. She firmly believed she was here for a reason, a purpose, and that the divine spark ran through her and that she would find her path if only she continued her practice and stayed open to the ‘answers’.
That was how she had met Simon, her Yoga teacher, and now her lover. Simon had told her she had a very pure aura and that she was one of the old souls that had incarnated on the earth to help with the world transition that had begun on Dec 21st 2012. She was at the vanguard of the New Age. This was her time to shine.

Dave was stressed. The traffic was slower than he had anticipated and he was running very late. ‘Bloody wife’s fault’ he muttered out loud. It was never his fault. Always someone else he could blame. Dave had never taken responsibility for his own life at any level. Everything that went wrong was because of some external force that had it in for him. The classic victim mentality.Dave against the world and the world usually won. Dave had come into the world in London’s poor East End, the son of a violent drunken docker and a mother who worked as a nurse and suffered her husbands brutality in silence. Dave was an angry man who believed that if anything could go wrong it would, and it would always involve him being on the wrong end of things. Life was a bitch and then you died.
He lit another cigarette, a new link in the chain he smoked daily and stared at the traffic jam ahead of him. ‘Fuck London.Fuck this traffic.’ He turned up the radio a notch and drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. ‘Fucking wankers’ he said to no one and everyone at the same time. He looked at the clock on the dash. Why was it that time accelerated when you needed to be somewhere fast. That was about as deep a thought as Dave was ever going to have.

Jerome was almost ready to speak. He looked around. His usual crowd had showed up. Same two blokes. ‘Well’ he thought, ‘It may be better that it’s just these two. Later there will be more.’ Jerome had spent a lifetime studying. Mostly physics. Sub atomic physics. He wanted to understand how the world really worked. He had followed the studies at C.E.R.N for years and was an expert in the thinking around string theory and particle physics. Never got a qualification but could always hold his own in a discussion with those that had. He had become fascinated with the ideas that particles could be teleported. He had followed the work of Michio Kaku very closely and started then looking around for others who had worked on this area. Two years earlier he had found a Vedic scholar and meditation teacher called Paramahamsa Nithyananda who claimed he could teleport physical objects. Jerome had traveled to India to meet with him and discovered a system of knowledge older than anything in the scientific world of the West. He had returned from India just two weeks earlier, armed with a deeper understanding of the subject and ready he felt to attempt his Big Experiment. He had in this last fortnight worked incessantly on the practical aspects of teleporting physical objects of varying sizes. Now it was time for the world, or at least two of them, to see what was possible. This was his moment. He spoke to his audience, reminding them that he had vowed to return from India with an answer to the problems of teleportation. The two drunks grinned up at him and passed a bottle of merrydown cider between themselves. This guy was a proper nutter. Jerome began to chant, an ancient Vedic verse from the sage Patanjali, designed to help him access the Transcendental state required for the experiment to begin. The low drone filled his lungs and he closed his eyes. He began to enter into a trance.

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7 thoughts on “Emerging….

  1. microrrelatososhortstories says:

    Paul… My goodness, I’m getting the feeling or maybe hoping that these three people have something in common or something unexpected will bring them together breaking the barriers of ego, self-esteem and powerful knowledge… I have no idea if this is the way you are going… Whichever way you take these characters, I’ll happily follow along… THIS IS GOOD!

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