iS IT aRT?

I have spent today clearing out my office.

Another moment of Transition.

A letting go.

A necessity.

During the process I came across a set of drawings that I made many years ago.

Every time I move to a new place I unfurl the bundle, take a look, re-mem-ber and decide to take them with me to the next location. Every time they hold a new message for me.

Today they wanted to be seen and they revealed the source of this Blog’s Name.

Look carefully.

I drew these during a time in my life when I was exploring a process called Holotropic Breathwork.

Holotropic Breathwork™ is a powerful but gentle method of self-exploration and healing, developed by Stanislav and Christina Grof. The technique was derived from modern consciousness research, depth psychology and shamanic and spiritual practices, to support natural healing and growth through the direct experience of non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Through accelerated breathing combined with music and focused bodywork participants gain access to deep levels of awareness and insight, and can recognize and embrace elements of themselves that have become disconnected or blocked. Many experience a new strength in their connection with an inner spiritual source.

I encountered this powerful Shamanic type practice via a therapist I was seeing as part of my own first steps towards a counseling qualification.

It was a profound set of experiences for me and the drawings were part of the process.

Each drawing has some written text on the back which is very personal and so I want to share just the images with you here today.

Let them be what they will be.














10 thoughts on “iS IT aRT?

  1. microrrelatososhortstories says:

    Yes, this is art! after much studying and reading the academic definitions of art and the rules to ‘good’ art and noticing at the same time that my best work was deemed as low grade “empirical” art by my teacher I decided to make my own definition of art: the translation of feelings,thoughts, ideas into a graphic medium…so from my point of view, empirical or whatever THIS IS ART… Holotropic Breathwork sounds very interesting 🙂 Alexandra

    • paulscribbles says:

      To be honest it felt like an interesting question to pose but the answer actually has little relevance for me.The reality is that they are representations of a journey and in that context hold real power. If someone else has a perception they are Art that’s great. If they don’t like them that’s OK too. The whole is it Art or not is a big topic and for me the answer always is to do with context. I am providing a little here but not all of it…but they can still be seen as art for sure. I’m glad they speak to you in some way. HB is a fascinating process and revelatory. Thank You once again for dropping by. xx

    • paulscribbles says:

      Letting go of office to help cash flow…transition is another much longer tale and one I cannot tell as it is still in the making.Nicely not asked 😉

      • Mr. Atheist says:

        We are here. Use us. We are the community we build. We are the strengths we need from each other for each other.

        Whenever you are ready friend. I am here.

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