Mr Angry: the conclusion

He found it easy to talk. There was a stillness about her, a knowing and understanding kind of presence. He reviewed the events of the day. The separation talk, the punch, the police station.

She listened well and he appreciated it. When he was done she leaned in and said to him, “I think I can help you”

‘Yeah, sure you can” he answered her sarcastically.

‘I understand your scepticism, but I see with a different set of eyes these days”

She turned her head in my direction. Me, the ghost, the witness. Could she sense my being here?

As if to answer my question, she spoke, whilst maintaining her sightless stare.

“You are not who you think you are”

Mr Angry spoke.

“What do you mean?”

“You are not all there. It is as if a part of you is missing”

Her gaze was still fixed firmly on my position. “Maybe you are hiding a part of yourself ”

Mr Angry looked up. ” Funny you should say that. I have always felt incomplete, unsettled, anxious.  Like I was missing a piece.”

He swallowed a mouthful of Guinness and then rolled his head in a circular motion, cracking stiff vertebra in his neck.

“How can you know that though? We just met”

“Like I said” she clarified, “I see things differently.”  Her gaze had not altered once whilst he spoke.

Her hand whipped out towards me suddenly and I felt myself being pulled. How could this be happening on my first day? No one had said anything about this sort of occurrence. I would be complaining to my supervisor. I was spinning, falling, sliding and then I stopped. Abruptly. It felt like hitting a wall. I lost consciousness.

As I came too I noticed that my perspective had altered and that I felt different. The woman was still looking at me but was smiling.

“Welcome home” she said.

What was she talking about and why was she talking to me?

“Can you see me” I asked.

“Of course” she said, “You have been here all the time. You just didn’t know it”

Didn’t know it? What on earth…..???

She reached across the table and touched my arm……MY ARM!!!!!!!!

I looked down and saw hands, attached to arms, attached to a body…..what was happening? When I scanned the bar I realised Mr Angry was nowhere to be seen. I was sat where he had been sat.

I …..was….. sat…. where…. he…. had…. been…. sat.


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