Jack and Jill

It had been a good day for Jack. Looking in the window at the new hair cut, new suit and tie made Jack feel somehow older, more mature. Perhaps this was the day that Jack had finally grown up. Getting the job at the advertising agency was a fabulous achievement for someone lacking in real hands on experience, but here it was, secured, in the bag, starting on Monday.

A fabulous salary, company car, pension scheme and a bonus system meant that a foot was most definitely on the ladder and the only way from here on in was up. A short refrain of the tune bounced it’s way around Jack’s head. “The only way is up, baby….”
The weekend beckoned and Jack wanted to party. Making a mental note to pick up a take away to eat, check the cats had been fed, call Jill, shower and dress to kill, Jack headed off for the flat in Camden Town via Papa’s kebab house.


Camden was such a cool place to live these days. Bohemian, trendy and full of all kinds of interesting people and more importantly, hot interesting people. Like Jill. They had met at Marla’s, a very popular club in the town and hopefully their destination this evening. It had become their favourite place. She was the reason that Jack had gone for the job. She had pushed and cajoled, fluffed up a faltering self esteem and unleashed a new Jack upon the world. She was an amazing woman. Her text reply to the news that the interview had been successful was “I always believed in you hun” Tonight they would dance themselves into a frenzy and then go home, smoke a spliff and fuck all night, like the new and excited lovers that they were.

Jack had finished the kebab by the time the flat door was in sight and was out of the suit and half way into the shower within minutes of opening the front door. The water was refreshingly warm and caressed Jack all over. The euphoria of the day combined with the soft sensation of water on skin was extremely arousing. Soaping became a slow sensuous tease and Jack’s hands lingered in places that called for attention. Slowly and with great care fingertips found gold and an erotic electricity generated tingles like waves that spread across Jack’s moist and naked form. “Hmmmm” Jack murmured “Not now….mmmmm…not yet” With a will of iron jack turned of the water and stepped out of the shower thinking now only of Jill. Naked.

The phone rang twice. Jill picked up her mobile. “Hi hun” she said “How are you?””Horny” came the response

“Nothing new there then” she giggled.”What time do you want to go out?”

“I’d rather stay in actually. I’m only wearing a towel”

“Are you serious. You know how much you love Marla’s and everybody will be there”

“Yeah I know but maybe we could just, y’know…here….and then go out. Did I say I was only wearing a towel?”

“Oh Jack, you are such a devil. I’m not ready but I guess I can change at yours. I’ll be over in five. Do not take off the towel”

Jack laughed and they hung up simultaneously. She was such a spontaneous and loving woman and smart too. Everything Jack had ever wanted in a partner. This was it. True love.

Jack opened a bottle of Riocha, poured tWO glasseS and settle onto the sofa. Minutes later the sound of Jill’s key in the door brought with it a heightened sense of anticipation. Jill was an incredible lover. Jack knew what was coming next.

“Hey gorgeous. Did you miss me?”

Jill stepped across the short space in two long legged strides and kissed Jack full on the mouth. Jack reached up to cup her head and the towel fell away. Jill traced a single finger down Jack’s stomach, stopping briefly at the small nest of curls that marked entry into the place of no return. Jill swiftly dropped her hand and left it, still and sensing.

“Somebody is pleased to see me” she said as her lips moved to caress Jack’s neck. Her hand now moved expertly, bringing Jack to a simmer whilst her lips dropped further down Jack’s upper body. She cupped a nipple and bit softly. Jack moaned.

‘Oh god you turn me on”

‘I know”

Jack pulled Jill closer and deftly removed her jumper to reveal a naked upper torso. She had come prepared. Reaching under her skirt to find her knicker-less almost brought Jack to a climax.

“Hold on there baby” Jill teased as Jack slid down her last item of clothing.

They embraced passionately, kissing like it was the first time for both.

Hands everywhere in a flurry, bodies glistening with sweat, they entwined and fell slowly to the floor.

“I love you Jill”

“I love you too Jacqueline”

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