Room to grow

5 weeks ago I alighted upon a field in the southern uplands of Scotland in Lanarkshire.

I have since then spent my time making tipi lodge poles, doing construction and deconstruction (nothing is wasted here). I have tiled floors and walls and slowly over the time I can stand back and see what I am helping to create. We hosted a wee music gathering and a conference to add Music to the ongoing curriculum here.

It is all hugely satisfying. I am happy.

I have also drummed a few times with visiting groups here at Wiston and each time the connections made have been strong. Workpaths are opening up here all the time. I am forging a new life here for myself and one that at the moment is without Mrs Scribbles, at least in the physical sense. We talk a lot and as a result of recent chats I am currently sat in her house typing this after a wonderful weekend visit. Our relationship is transforming. Into what we do not know. Soon I will board a train and head North again to what now feels like home. My home.

There is no question we are deeply connected and that will always be true. Mrs Scribbles has some time and space for her own personal quest now and I for mine. In between we can find time to dance together.


As separations go this is a powerful one. Yesterday we walked these familiar hills and saw a sight that said more in an instant than we could in a lifetime.

Two or one

As Metaphors go we thought it was a cracker. It made us both smile.

So I will journey North to be where I must and though I will miss her I will go with a deep knowing that each of us is holding the space for the other to grow into in the trust that all will be well….whatever it looks like.

But first I will avail myself of the benefits of civilisation and grab a good cup of coffee before I depart. 😉

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