Are you feeling it?

How much of what you decide to do in life is dictated by your thinking? How much by your feelings? Do those separate parts of you combine harmoniously? What happens when they do not? It’s something I have been both thinking and feeling about of late. I am in a period of transition. A kind of no mans land of the soul. Nothing is certain anymore. What I thought was reality has moved and when I enter into a space I thought I knew I now find I do not. The paradigm has shifted.

It can be exhilarating.Terrifying.Confusing. Clear.

A multitude of thoughts and emotions collide within my being, all demanding my full attention.

How do I KNOW anything?

For me the way towards any kind of solution these days is to sit. In silence. To watch thoughts come and go. To feel my feelings rise and fall. To become a witness. Without judgement. Maybe to connect with what is my deepest most authentic self. To not worry about the decisions. To trust myself.

Sometimes the body knows more than the mind. Look at the work of Dr. Mario Martinez.

I find his research utterly fascinating.

So today I sit watching thoughts that ask me why I am here in this space, doing what I am doing. Listening to feelings of uncertainty and slight anxiety. All of this flutters away under the mask of calm I project to the world.

I haven’t got a clue. Not a clue.

My first real glimpse of wisdom 😉

nothing is sure


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