Magic at Tara

Posted in The Līgo Haibun Challenge

Another day, another challenge. I only managed to submit my Picture (Katmandu) challenge piece yesterday at the last minute and I was amazed how well received it was.

Buoyed by this feeling inside of acceptance and recognition I am jumping straight in with another piece, this time a word prompt.

Although I endeavor to have no expectations, I feel that a fall from Grace must surely now follow 😉

Mirror or Faerie: My choice is Faerie

I stand under a moon so full I can almost touch it. Autumn is merging with winter and the cold air wraps itself like coils of smoke about my fingers. Fingers which hold the Crystal up against the bright lunar sky. The Gatekeeper. The chant rolls out from deep within my being and a call is made to the Fey folk to come and dance with us on this Samhain evening. Within the quartz chamber movement unfolds. A wisp at first and then more form. Before my very eyes a faerie is dancing within the crystal. It is Magic. Pure and simple. I breathe deeply and smell the earth more cleanly than ever before. Peaty and damp, it lines my being. We are one.

~-~   ~-~   ~-~

Echoes of a time

long since dreamed of are sounded

in my heart this night

~-~   ~-~   ~-~

20 thoughts on “Magic at Tara

  1. Brenda says:

    I love your ode to Samhain and the fae. My favorite part: “I breathe deeply and smell the earth more cleanly than ever before. Peaty and damp, it lines my being.” I remember standing on a peaty hillside in Scotland, and the smell made me feel at one with the universe, even though it was not a smell I grew up knowing. Thanks for bringing that moment back to me. Cheers, Brenda

    • paulscribbles says:

      Thanks…my story has more than an element of truth in it and is based on an actual experience atop The Hill of Tara in Ireland. I know nothing of Lancaster County and so can’t make a comparison but the Peat burned in fires in Ireland and Scotland has a particular odour…if you want to get a taste of it have a wee dram of Laphroaig Single Malt 😉 I’ll keep an eye on Spellbound

  2. Ye Pirate says:

    Complex, intricate, with an ability to play with tim,which I felt. was slowing down as I read your haibun. I think you’re on a good run! In two haibun I’ve seen you carefully stamp your style, a style of haibun that is full, a delight to read, deep and clever – magical.

    • paulscribbles says:

      Once again many thanks for your encouragement. There is something about this form that appeals to me and I am reading more around the subject. I look forward to continued development of my style.

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