Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge

Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge Month #XII, HA’s “entangled branches”

My first attempt at Tan Renga.

Here is an explanation followed by this weeks guest stanza and my ‘response’.

Tan Renga is a short-linked poem which has two stanza, the first stanza has 5-7-5 syllables (the haiku written by a guest) and the second stanza has 7-7 syllables. The second stanza is a response on the first and has to have a ‘kind of link’ with the first stanza, but it can also be completely different say ‘a kind of reaction or answer’ on the first, but there always has to be, in some way, a ‘link’ with the first stanza.The Tan Renga looks very similar with the Tanka, but there is of course a little difference.

A Tan Renga you write with two poets and a Tanka is written by one poet.

The goal of the Tan Renga Challenge is to write the second stanza of the given incomplete Tan Renga by association on a theme from the first stanza. You don’t have to use the classical rules, but if you like to do so … well feel free … no obligations.
In your linked post you have to copy and paste the given first stanza and include your second stanza.


entangled branches
sun ascends through lifeless limbs
beautiful chaos 
Anmol (a.k.a. HA)

silent dawn brings reflection
and the formless begets form


26 thoughts on “Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga Challenge

  1. Chèvrefeuille says:

    Welcome at Carpe Diem Paul I am glad that you have visit us … and this Tan Renga you’ve completed in an extraordinary way. Great first appearance here at Carpe Diem. Hope to see you here again.

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