Midnight sun

Welcome to another Friday with a new Līgo Haibun Challenge!

The prompt words this week are:
Northern lights/Aurora borealis


Mightnight sun/24 hr daylight

As always, choose one for your haibun. And in the word prompt, we’d like to see the word(s) in the haibun somewhere. We’re trying to cater for both hemispheres this week! Keep the haiku in the ‘present’ tense or mood if you can.


I step forward and breathe deeply. Once more sleep has evaded me. I shield my eyes with my hands and look accusingly at The Midnight Sun. This brilliant ball of light which has lured me into a long passage of wakefulness from which I wish to escape. Bio-rhythms say no. I light a cigarette and suck it angrily. The hum of sleeplessness torments my mind.I close my eyes and all I see is a ball of fire. No escape.

I wish for the dark

As a seedling would for light

Broken Brilliance


7 thoughts on “Midnight sun

  1. Suzanne says:

    Your need for a good night’s sleep comes across so strong I feel like going back to bed and getting some shut eye after reading your haibun. 🙂 The haiku at the end has a lovely poetic resonance.

    • paulscribbles says:

      Thanks Suzanne…I have never experienced the Midnight Sun but I do know what not being able to sleep feels like.

  2. twoscamps says:

    I understand the feeling. Life in the land of the midnight sun would be too much of a good thing. Darkness is good. From it springs dreams.

    • paulscribbles says:

      Thanks. I wanted to try and look at the dark side of the constant sun and although I have never experienced this phenomena I can guess how light all the time might be a bit much.

  3. julespaige says:

    I like the who perspective of this piece. The haiku is the icing on the cake. For not having experienced the phenomena I think you described it accurately. While not having the experience either…I have had sleepless nights. I think we all have.

  4. Ye Pirate says:

    That was a very interesting piece. In northern Finland we had 24 hrs of darkness for a while, also a strange feeling that can weigh heavily. We get sunrise at about 2 am in summer so get about an hour of ‘darkness’, but after the winters it is needed so much. Thanks for contributing, as always.

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