Life is a Dance

Ligo Haibun Challenge

Photo Challenge:


Footfall  on a forest floor and then stillness. breath swirls in the cold air. movement ahead.stillness shifts to an inner place.pure being. at one with the prey.arrow unleashed finds soft flesh. gratitude offered, a prayer for the fallen. totem left to appease the gods

in spirit we move

dancing our way through the light

to reveal one-ness

7 thoughts on “Life is a Dance

  1. Brenda says:

    Paul, your recent posts inspired a story I was writing, and African drumming elbowed their way into the story and became central. I am pleased with it, but my African drumming class was over 20 years ago. I wondered if you would be willing to read it for me, it’s only 866 words. I plan to submit it as a previously unpublished picture book manuscript, so I can’t put it up on my website. My email is on my about page, if you are willing, can you pop me an email and I’ll reply with the text? I did research and beat a lot of rhythms on my djembe, but I so hate to get details wrong, so I just wondered if you have time to look it over… Feel free to say, no, we are all busy and, as I said, I am happy with it.

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