Her eyes looked right through him. A face of porcelain white and hair as black as a winter’s night. He knew he was in trouble even before the blade arced it’s deathly path towards his neck. His final thought was how beautiful they were. Her eyes. She did not blink as the sickle separated his head from it’s torso. Unresolved emotion lay deep inside her, hidden by years of indoctrination. Agents of the Noh felt nothing. They carried out orders. And yet…..

Beautiful Killer

unravels her own life line

by ending others


Written in response to a picture prompt ( a japanse geisha) from Ligo Haibun ( now defunt). This short piece is inspired by a Graphic Novel series by David Mack called Kabuki and I would recommend them (it’s a series) as reading material to everyone.

Deep, profound and insightful writing and amazingly creative artwork.

8 thoughts on “Kabuki

  1. Suzanne says:

    Beautifully written. I like your reference to David Mack’s book. I have seen some of the art from this book and find it inspirational.

    • paulscribbles says:

      The Art work is a total inspiration and the words are pretty good to. It’s a fascinating series of books.

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