Bloody Hell

You stop for a week and suddenly a few have whizzed past…work, life and the weather are all equally to blame for my lack of wordpressing. I do think about writing when I am busy drumming with 30 kids or organising a festival for 400 folks  or talking to my partner who lives a long way from me or getting my van painted by a Graffiti artist or facilitating a drum circle or…you get the picture…busy busy busy….what does this mean for this writer?…I guess it means that I could benefit from creating a schedule in my day….trouble is at 50 years young I have not managed to do that so far….I am very much a go with the flow/ride the wind/fly in the face of chaos kinda guy…hey ho…I miss writing Haibun and the discipline it brought…I will get back there…but regularly?…who knows?…ahead of me I see a trip to Ireland, a trip to Malaysia and a summer of festivals…I think I will be too busy Being and Doing to write everyday….the good thing there is that I will garner much from my experiences and hopefully blog a little travel stuff here and there…new directions….travel Haibuns…Basho stylie….we shall see. I have no idea at this stage what the Haibun Challenges are this week but I am gonna be cheeky and submit this to both. 😉


Busy living doesn’t

make time for the words to flow

I write in the sky

9 thoughts on “Bloody Hell”

  1. It’s amazing how time just vanishes when you turn your back for one minute. Unfortunately, due to time, the Haibun Thinking will be on hold for the foreseeable future. I have just started a course with the prospect of employment at the end of it, so that is my priority at the moment. Thank you for your support in taking part Paul, I appreciate it

  2. You look so happy drumming – the joy of living comes across in your writing. Enjoy your travels. I’m heading for Ireland later this year too. It’s a great place to visit.

    1. I am the happiest when I am drumming…Ireland is my roots and I always have a fine time there.Thanks for dropping by.

  3. I am glad to hear your update. I wish you joyful music and happy society on your travels. I look forward to some travel haibun, on Paul’s drumming road.

    1. Thanks Brenda. Writing has taken a back seat but has not left me…will be more sporadic for a while is all.

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