It’s official: drummers are smarter than you (and everybody else)

I always knew this intuitively but now there is science to back it up…read it and weep folks….

Consequence of Sound

Far too often, drummers have been given the shaft. Second to only, maybe, bassists, they’re the member in the band considered most replaceable: you can just pull some chump off the street, sit him behind a kit, and on with the show. According to science, however, drummers aren’t the mouth-breathing neanderthals humorists have made them out to be. News and analytics site PolyMic compiled a group of studies that indicate drummers are not only generally smarter than their bandmates, they actually make everyone around them smarter too.

The research suggests that drummers have innate problem-solving skills and a positive impact on communities. Researchers at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institutet found that, after playing a series of beats, drummers who had better rhythm scored better on a 60-question intelligence test. Seems using all the various parts of a drum kit to keep one steady beat is actually an expression of intrinsic problem-solving abilities.

Furthermore, other studies show that…

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7 thoughts on “It’s official: drummers are smarter than you (and everybody else)

  1. Brenda Davis Harsham says:

    Hey, Paul, I’ve always thought you were a smart guy. I hope you are well by now, and still having a great time. I haven’t seen anything from you in my reader in ages, so I thought I’d droopy by and say hi. I was thinking of referencing you in an award posting. You were kind to me, reading my drumming story (which by the way got a cold shoulder from a publisher, so nothing so far), and I could either identify you and provide a link or leave you anonymous. I see you haven’t blogged in awhile, so if I don’t hear from you, I’ll make it anonymous. Cheers, Brenda

    • paulscribbles says:

      Feel free to ID me Brenda. Good to hear form you. My writing is all in my head at the moment as work has suddenly exploded and I have no free time at all for Scribbles or for reading other blogs.The feast and famine scenario of self employment!!! Making Hay whilst the sun shines.Sorry to hear the drumming stroy was not well received. Keep putting it out there.Paul

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