Līgo Haibun Challenge – Word Prompt

Līgo Haibun Challenge Word Prompt

 Sitar OR Didgeridoo


 A sturdy branch of Eucalyptus, pulled from the tree. Live with termites. Loosened with a stick. I take a long deep breath and blow hard. Termites sent heavenward to become stars of  light. I name them.Yidaki, ngarrriralkpwina, yiraka, rirtakki, wuyimba, artawirr, garnbak, dijibolu, kurmur, ngaribi, bambu, martba, paampu illpirra. They will shine for all time, beacons of a language and culture, like so many others before it, plundered and misrepresented.

Twinkle  Twinkle Star

Never wonder who you are

not just didgeri

Img courtesy~ https://larswallin.nu/2011/07/26/didjeridu-didgeridoo/

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