Happy Birthday Dad

Sent to me this morning. I am in floods of tears. Happy, proud tears.

No money as always Papa, so I thought I would give you some words instead. Happy Birthday. I love you very much. Have a lovely day. B Xxx

Yours were the first eyes I met,
You tell me I looked straight into them, deep into them you saw them smile,
Smiling, questioning eyes…”Who are you?”
You are my father.

You who made me daisy chains to wear in my hair,
You who held me as I screamed and screamed and screamed.
You who made me believe I could be anything and anyone I wanted to be,
You who took my side when I walked out school and proclaimed the teacher was boring me to death, you who believed me.

You who taught me to always look beyond, never to see the surface and always to see everything hiding beneath,
You who inspired me to follow my heart, to take risks and be brave.
You who threatened every boyfriend with your penetrating eye,
“This is my daughter, be good to her or deal with me!”.

You who provoked, challenged and encouraged me,
You who made me believe there is nothing you can not do, that their way is not the only way, that there is always another way, a path less trodden, less trusted and more beautiful.
You who taught me to see there is always more if only you are brave enough to search for it, that if you believe, it will be.

You who made me see it is not what you have but who you are,
You who pushed me to question and question and question again,
You who encouraged me to search, to seek and to find myself, my voice and to love it, cherish it and value it.

You who have held my as I cried, listened as I ranted, endured as I shouted,
You who have disagreed, supported and always trusted,
You who have made me feel special, who have made me feel loved every day since the time I opened my eyes and saw you,
My father.

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