Hopeless Haiku

The other day my inbox had a new ‘Buddha at the Gas Pump’ interview….I get these on a regular basis along with poetry from ‘A Year of Being Here’ and thoughtful quotes from ‘The Ripples Guy’

I don’t always follow the link to the interviews…I always read the poems and quotes.

This day my instinct was to check the interview as well.

So I did. It was interesting. It was annoying. Challenging too.

It was Rick Archer with Unmani?

I looked around for other stuff by her and found  this video talk by her. It’ll also provide some context to the work below which flowed as a stream of consciousness after watching the video. True scribbles.

I am posting this as a piece of artpoetryhaikuthematic.


This is what it is

not going to get better

only the present


time to stop looking

it is a hopeless journey

nothing to be found


a mystic said this

no teacher is needed

the buddha is dead


one step at a time

i realised i was lost

life opened my heart


i have had enough

the truth is that i don’t know

it is time to die


letting it all go

every last idea

there is no more hope


terrifying now

now that has no way forward

or now no way back


spiritual path

is a road to nowhere

let go of it all


writing these haiku

i am just following thought

is this the now now


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