Where am i?

…..in the sound of drums being played….being played with a feeling that is, at it’s core, of funkiness….and in the voices of those very drums intertwined in a conversation that takes us deeper into our own being and into a wide and shared present smile.

…….in the centre of the circle, being the most present i can ever be.

……in the sound of loud, free and raucous, sometimes pleasantly drunken, laughter.

……in the sweet smell of a Single Malt and the crackle of an open fireside.

…..at the kitchen table holding court as drink and conversation flows into the wee small hours.

……..in a frown.

…..on the high fells and moors of the North where height gains us a new perspective always.

…..by the wild ocean rattling the beach, which creates anew, rocky and round white granite stones, like a giant’s marble collection.

…..dancing with abandon as the music takes me away from my mind and the thoughts of how i might look.

……in the awkward drummers strum of a guitar and the strains of a favourite song.

……in the quiet of the night where i sang you to sleep.

………in my old stomping ground roaring on the blues or screaming at the telly with a beer in my hand.

…..in a cafe somewhere listening to you talk of your work and your dreams, your loves and your fears.

…..in moments of pain and sadness, stripped bare to a place where we need not hide who we are, life revealing us to one another as deeply connected by blood as much as by soul.

……in disappointment for not being all of who i could have been at all times.

……in an argument where i cannot see for the life of me that i could be wrong.

…..in my ability to now admit that.

………in telling everyone to shushhh because i can’t hear the telly.

……in a quiet contemplative state of mind where all of the threads in the lives we are living are woven together as if to make a carpet for us to fly upon this very day…this very moment.

……..in a wide eyed grinning sunrise o’clock in the morning moment.

…….in a pointless and petty tug of war about something that is not important with someone who is….an open wound of an addictive narrative designed only to damage……sorry for that…for you and for me.

……….in a state of constant amazement that YOU are who you are and that I am fortunate enough to be a part of your becoming.

………in a dance that will never end or cease to amaze and disturb me in equal measure.

……..in being vulnerable, soft and admitting I was wrong on many occasions. I was. Still am.

…..in this moment wondering about many things and realising that i have been blessed in my life by YOU*

* Bethan, Romany and Lewis.







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