Finding my voice

Life has been busy of late. Running another Expressive Rhythm Stories training in Malaysia, going to see Crosby, Stills and Nash Live in Singapore, running a Rhythms of the World workshop in Newcastle, watching Thomas Truax perform, Mentoring Drum Circle work in Hull and The Wee Drum Gathering here at Wiston…next stop Dublin for more drum circling.

Seeing Crosby,Stills and Nash inspired me totally….to maybe pick up my guitar more and sing…fortunately whilst visiting Hull to mentor my good friend an upcoming Arthurian DCF Donna Smith, I was presented with a wonderful opportunity.

Donna can play and sing beautifully and suggested prior to the trip we might spend a day playing together. She is an avid recorder of music and so set up a couple of mics so we could jam and see what we got. She played back the first recording to me and it surprised me….I’d never listened to myself sing before and the good quality mics had picked up all the tonal range….it moved me…she encouraged me to open up my lungs and sing…to find my voice…and so I did…there is work to do…both on the playing side and with the vocal but I feel encouraged by what we created in our first jam.

Here are the recordings. I hope you enjoy.

image credit

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