Artemisia Vulgaris

At a recent Gathering I took part in a Mugwort  Initiation ceremony. I have until now had no interest in plants or plant spirit medicine ( Ayauasca, Peyote etc) but something about this native plant, Artemisia Vulgaris, called me to attend.

I had a visionary experience. A coming together of many threads of my life, my consciousness…an alignment of things.

Having just completed DrumTrek and spent some time on the ancient land in West Penwith, Cornwall I attended a Gathering called ‘Reigniting Ancient Ways’ which saw Huichole Indians from Mexico, Kurukindi, a Shaman from the Eccuadorian Amazon, A Dogon Priest, an Origine Elder and Druidic representatives from these Isles gather together to share wisdom and lore. A very powerful truthful and enlightening few days.

During DrumTrek I had a growing sense of my connection to this land and as I passed through Scotland, England, Wales and into Cornwall it was as if the land was singing a song…an old song…timeless and beautiful…I felt blessed to be here now….to witness this connection…at times the beauty of these Isles moved me to tears….we do live on a magical Island…I recently attempted to pen a poetic description of my ceremonial experience…here it is.

Riding the green breath into a place of peace

the moment rises like morning mist over still waters

and then twists itself into a DNA like spiral




morphing into Wisps of tall Golden grass bending with the wind

a stag bursts forward



red brown and charging at me

no fear

only love

my totem calls

i open up


and breathe deeply

shapes shift and a figure appears

swaying back and forth

sensual and feminine

a hand is offered


a dance begun

a face as old as time

the crone

the green woman

smiles a radiant smile

touches my third eye

and my heart bursts

joy unbridled

i Journey into the land

deep into it

my land

a land I have traveled just

and always

deep Earth song awakens in my soul

my ancestors sing me to life

the pipes the pipes are calling

a song-line runs through me




one song

one line

a line meant

tears of gratitude fall

grace is upon me

i am blessed

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