Rhythm Heals: Part 1

I have just written a BLOG over at Rhythmbridge about my recent trip to Malaysia for a conference entitled Rhythm Heals. Check it out. It’s a good read 😉

Here at ‘Scribbles’ I am more inclined to prose and poetry so I will endeavour to capture the essence of my experience in another form.


The heat wraps me in it’s sweaty embrace as I land once more in the  home of the Orang Asli  I am returned again. Street vendor cooking smells float heavy on the air and the colour and texture of this vibrant city mirrors the diversity of it’s inhabitants.

I breathe deeply and am at once at peace here.

Hot but at peace.

The Nepali doorman at my hotel calls me ‘Boss’ as he holds open the door and I nod an acknowledgement and mouth a Thank You towards him as I pass through. It will be a daily dance. The same happens at the lift door. It makes me smile. Along with the two receptionists and the breakfast staff there are 6 people employed in this ground floor space. All full of smiles.

I’m here to drum. To tell tales. To experience transformation. If only I knew what lay in store.

My own program is a day or two away and so I chill, hang with my buddy John and his family and walk the streets of Brickfields or Little India as it is known locally.


It is hot and humid as I stroll around, walking much slower than my normal pace.

Almost mindful.

I am taken by this kaleidoscopic landscape in front of me.

Photographers heaven.

The contrast between the traditional and the modern rises up on every corner.I pass a happy few hours looking through a lens at the world in front of me.



Time passes. I sleep. I eat.

Training day is upon me. I am as always a little nervous, apprehensive. Am I ready? Have I prepared enough? Why did I use that razor? ( I have two deep cuts on my chin and don’t think I look ‘professional enough!!))

This is my third time. It has been an evolution so far. What awaits me now? One of my strengths, I am learning, is to get out of my own way and allow what might emerge to do so. This training is a platform for that. I open the day with an introductory exercise and I watch as a group begins to emerge. I notice what is present and I adjust my schedule, my plans ( cough),  to suit their needs and allow them to explore  the ideas present in the word EXPRESSIVE.


“Well begun is half done” my meditation teacher used to say. So true. The day unfolds like a gently unfurling flower and we move effortlessly into our exploration of RHYTHM and I am once again amazed by this process. It meets the needs of the group and mine too as if it were planned this way. We are co creators. Stories await. It is pure flow. Magical.


Day two follows the same pathway, tumbling like a waterfall over the rocks of our being and dancing a story into our hearts. We are moving as one now. Expressive, entrained, rhythmical and full of emergent STORIES. We fly together like a murmur.

It is beautiful to behold.


As we come to our closing I am filled with a warmth that comes from a profound sense of completion.

A training has been birthed here this two days.

It feels right.

It feels good.


by leaning backward

it will all fall into place

i have done no thing

~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

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