Rhythm Heals Part 2


My ERS training in Kuala Lumpur is complete and so now I am free to attend other workshops leading up to the conference in Port Dixon and beyond.

A multitude of choices.

A sumptuous feast of rhythmical proportions.

I was about to get my fill.

Djembe, my first love in the drum world. A facilitation of love and nurturing by a gentle soul who allowed all of us to be. A group birthed and blessed all at once. Seeds sown that would reap beauty.

A time to see how Rhythm2Recovery would impact upon my own practice. A whole new paradigm opened up. Zombies in the drum circle!!! Rhythm waves. Emotional content. Safe space to be. Levels and layers of complexity. Deep stuff. All put together by a man of real integrity. A mountain of a program which I will endeavor to scale sometime. Somehow.

The conference called, as it had done before.  Awaiting me was another version of myself. One I had not discovered yet. This was a dance with emergence. Weaving of threads as a platform for doing nothing. The lesson here was to step back. Facilitate from the place of no facilitation.

I didn’t know I was heading there until the moment it emerged.

It all began with the truth. I could tell you my version but here is another view.

Perhaps it was his incredible vulnerability

his opening confession
and awareness of the power spot
he occupied
at the closing spot of the conference
or the way he explained
how to bow
to the group
and his mindfulness practice
that drew me in
into myself
allowing me to be a participant
in his well held space (@C.Stevens)
What emerged here was breathtaking for me. Another layer on the onion of affirmation. Self affirmation. There was a beauty in every moment and all I had to do was step back and it came into being. For the most part I sat and watched as a musical symphony arose from the silence and began a journey that played with my soul. I didn’t play. I didn’t want anything I did to be construed as facilitation. I just sat.
Such a breakthrough.
Do No Thing.

The conference was complete.

Three more rhythmical journey’s to undertake.

Health Rhythms came unfolding my new found understanding of stepping back. A protocol full of magic and which flowed in such a beautiful way delivered by a face from the past. A dance that had space and room for flow. Subtle yet powerful. More magic found it’s way into my world. Connections deepened.

The Arthurian was back. My Mentor, friend and long time collaborator in trouble making. This was another stepping back. For us both. For different reasons. Once again I was touched by the depth and the sincerity of this man and his mission. A powerful transition point. Watch this space.

The Doctor brought proceedings to a close. With skill and subtlety. With care and a smile. With a heart as big as the ocean. The Doctor brought us into a place of co-creation and collectivism. Moving as one. One rhythm. One heart. One Love.

We were complete. This was a journey. An amazing journey. I am once more Blessed by my life and my friends in the world of Rhythm.

Thank You with All of My Heart to John J Hagedorn, Terry and The Girls, Rhonwyn Hagedorn, Alison Surridge, Simon Faulkner, The presentation team from Port Dixon, Doh RayMee Music, Remo, All the workshop participants, Conference attendees,Christine Stevens, Arthur Hull and The Doctor, Jane Bentley.

Rhythm Family

Healing Now in the Circle

I am Emerging

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