two days

Death came a calling after she had said she would pass over

and she lingered awhile

and then

my friend was gone

lamenting the loss of what could have been

wishing that she did not have to suffer as she did

her offspring spoke

words of truth

of humour even in this the darkest of moments

and of love

a strong love

one that is born and then nurtured




every eye in the crematorium moist

hearts pumping a spike of sadness to the throat

later we sat

in an old and ancient place

our old and ancient place

we burned wood

sang many a song

drank whisky

and talked and laughed and cried our sadness into a place that would live on

morning broke and a new day dawned

a journey North

a coming together of two tribes

a daughter of Erin

a son of Tili

here in the shadow of Death

life resurgent

joy and laughter

music and whisky

burning of wood

the throat swallowing a libation of love to the Heart

words of truth and beauty

their siblings offered

born of a deep love




life she danced a dance this day

and as she looked

deep into the marrow of it

she bowed to her sister

and smiled a smile of knowing


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