ordinary extras

I am being drawn in again….now to this….Haibun Monday prompt. Here goes. Thank you to Grace for the prompt.
“For this week’s prompt, think about a moment of your typical day (first person singular). This can be your morning routine, commute, day in the office, a walk in the afternoon, household chores, grocery shopping, gardening etc. Here’s the challenge: write and find the “extra” in your ordinary day.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Not nearly enough sleep. Not uncommon. Towel, scrunchy and soap gathered I climb down the stairs to the shower room and lock the door behind me. My time. My space. No interruptions welcomed. I Strip. I turn the dials, ritually, tweaking for temperature. Then I step in to the water as it falls. Always extraordinary  and so, potentially ordinary, no? But this falling of individual pearls of warmth that caress and sooth and replenish. It’s like a brand new miracle with every tiny splash. I cannot but surrender to this liquid rebirth. Every moment. Every morning.

 this is the same place

man steps into the shower

sound of water falls

36 thoughts on “ordinary extras

  1. Grace says:

    I enjoy your musings on that morning shower, like a rebirth, a miracle. To be truthful this is not a haibun, wherein we have a prose (one paragraph) + a haiku. You can still edit the first part, where it comes out like a prose as you have a theme – morning shower. I like the sound of the water falls, very soothing.

  2. whimsygizmo says:

    You’re gonna want to reformat that first part into a paragraph, to fit the form (Grace has laid it out for you in the prompt post). Otherwise, this is great. I like the short, staccato thoughts here.

  3. Bodhirose says:

    Wonderful, we take those showers for granted…that water is always going to be flowing in abundance just at the perfect temperature every day. Who can’t relate to this?

  4. kim881 says:

    I always feel; so much better after a shower: clearer thinking, as if all my problems are washed away with the soap scum. Your haiku conveys that feeling well.

  5. Imelda says:

    I always find warm showers a luxury. I grew up in a place where there were no showers and hot waters. We used dippers to clean ourselves. Having warm water falling on me anytime I want is such a treat.

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