All along the linky ;)

Bjorn is hosting Meeting the Bar over at dVerse and his prompt is this little beauty

“Today your challenge is easy. Write a poem based on Bob Dylan. It can be personal, it can be based on his lyrics (remember to give credit in that case) or it even can be why you think that he’s a lousy poet or singer, maybe you can tie it to politics… The choice is yours.”

So mine is based on Dylan’s ‘All long The Watchtower’ but the Jimi Hendrix version.

Here’s my suggestion. Press play on the you tube video of Hendrix below and read my poem with the music as background.

Of course Jimi’s words are there but if you just switch awareness slightly…well…try it and see.


“There must be some kind way out of this” said the scribbler to the chief ( Bjorn)

“There’s to much collusion,  I can’t make this to brief”

All these writers, they take my lines, come and take my verse

All were level of one mind, and putting out there this word

“We want you to get inspired” the chief he finally spoke

“There are many here among us, just making poems as bespoke

But-we-all-here have made a choice, and poems we will make

So-Mr-Scrib-bler, we im-plore, this-choice will you take.”

All along the Linky-thing, poets kept the view, While everybody came and went, you know I mean YOU

Here-now in this one instance,  a scribbler did growl

The poem-was unfolding, and the crowd begin to howl.


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21 thoughts on “All along the linky ;)

  1. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    Clever, funny, and so in tune with Jimi & Bob
    Fave line ““There are many here among us, just making poems as bespoke”

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