City at night

Photograph by Me

The challenge tonight put forward by Kim at dVerse poetics is “to write a poem about a city at night, using the photograph as a starting point. You can write about your own city, one you have visited or lived in previously, a city you would love to go to or just write about what you see in the picture. I don’t mind if it’s an ancient city or one from fiction. But it must be at night.”

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Light falls on the cobbled streets of a city after dark

an old city with history

not all of it pleasant

a place whose lanes are etched memories

in your ears and in your eyes

and tonight I see it through a lens

still and silent

yet with a twinkle in it’s night lit eye

i seek to frame it momentarily

on a roll of film

and yet perhaps disguise it too

could this be any old city?

my memory takes me back

to a day in my life

***   ***   ***

24 thoughts on “City at night

  1. kim881 says:

    I do like cobbled streets, Paul, and the way they reflect light, especially in the rain. I’m trying to work out which city it is – old… with history… not all of it pleasant… with lanes… I’ve looked at the picture, the style of bench and street lights and the background, for clues. And t hen there’s the ‘twinkle in it’s night lit eye’.
    The only places I know with cobbled streets and ‘Lanes’ are Brighton (but it’s not a city) and Norwich, but I don’t recognise either of them in the photograph. Unless it’s up in Scotland… could it be Glasgow? I need more clues, I think!

  2. Grace says:

    An old city with history, I like this very much Paul ~ In Canada, my favorite cities steeped with history are Montreal and Old Quebec. The narrow and cobbled lanes just takes you back to the olden times ~

    Thanks for joining us Paul ~

  3. hypercryptical says:

    Cities hold us in their grip, what might have been.
    I have a great affinity to Sheffield despite never living there – my son at Uni (my only experience) – and somehow it holds memories, memories that in reality don’t exist.
    Strange but true.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  4. katiemiafrederick says:

    Well.. my friEnd..
    considering i just
    used A day in the
    life for a muse of
    just another free verse
    line in a day of me.
    i’ll go with
    and London
    as my guess on
    wHere this bench
    and cobbled sidewalk
    of historial significance
    winds on as street liGhts
    shimmer stones of memories more…
    if not..
    another muse..
    seriouSly.. iF all
    news becomes muse..
    it’s hard to be disappointed
    by night
    dArk liGhts new..;)

  5. ladynyo says:

    Haven’t been in Liverpool I can see though this city in your poem. I love cobbled streets, except in Atlanta, they don’t exist. And cobbled streets in the rain is absolutely wonderful. The light bouncing from stone to wall back to stone. A lovely and mysterious poem, Paul

  6. Brian says:

    Cobble stones are often used in gentrification projects to create a sense of the past. They are usually torn up after a couple of years because they are so maintenance heavy. Never been to Liverpool, closest was the Birmingham Airport.

    The last line of your poem in a ‘clue’ said the poet. 🙂

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