Pathway to the Heart

New Beginnings is the prompt from Mish this Tues at dVerse, and we are offered a selection of Art to inspire our poetry.

I have chosen the piece shown above by Jennifer Vranes entitled ‘New Beginnings’

~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~


the pathway beckons

deep into the Klimpt-like

silver birch stand of forest

it winds


inviting and yet unknown

old leaf fall tells tales of a time past

a foundation upon which to place

the virgin steps yet walked


the steps I must take

for there is no going back

even a refusal to take this path

is a step forwards


time cannot be called back

but lessons can be hewn from it

water has flown under this bridge

and it will not flow back this way


but we saw it pass

and threw a pooh stick in it

that bobbed and danced

lightly into it’s own future


move on

move forwards

let go

let’s go


dancing with the wild wind

feeling the call of nature deep within

i have no control

and so I move


lightness of being

spirit of adventure

heart open for business

time to make more change


you my love eternal

through times and changes

have painted a picture around my heart

that is a pathway to yours


~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~







4 thoughts on “Pathway to the Heart

  1. Mish says:

    I really like this…the feeling of setting oneself free, moving with the current of the future for we really have no choice except to do so or stand still….but this line addresses that so well….
    “even a refusal to take this path
    is a step forwards”
    Profound but true!
    Thanks for joining in, Paul.

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