Lillian here, your host today for dVerse Tuesday Poetics.

I’m wondering how many bridges you’ve crossed in your lifetime? Come bridge with me. Create a poem that uses the word bridge in anyway you choose.

~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~

Funny you should ask. I’m a bridge builder you know? Seriously. But no wood, nor steel, nor brick, nor stone do I use in their construction. No rivers of water or roads of tarmac do they cross, no jungle ravine, no city skyline. These bridges are built from deep listening, from connection, from the sound of skin on skin. One beat at a time. Yours. Mine. All of us. Together. Sound that has traveled since time began reverberates in our space as we pound out the rhythms. We meet eye to eye and heart to heart and we sing a song of our ancient souls as we bridge the gaps. The ones that matter. The ones that keep us on the other side from each other. This is a kind of bridge I have built all of my life. It was aptly named.

Planting a deep seed

many many moons ago

rhythmbridge was birthed

~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~

*Rhythmbridge is the name of my company since 1999 and the primary work that I do here on Planet Earth. Here’s a little groove I wrote and recorded for your listening pleasure.

29 thoughts on “Rhythmbridge

  1. lillian says:

    DIVINE! Absolutely have been enthralled with drum circles and rhythm instruments. Our son started from lessons on a drum pad when he was in kindergarten: I cut up circles out of construction paper and then cut some in halves, some in quarters etc since drum scores are not “notes” rather mathematical counts. Math and drumming go together – no doubt. Loved the poem….loved the audio. Well done and sooooo glad you posted this. Rhythmical instruments have been bridges through communication down through the ages. 🙂

  2. Glenn Buttkus says:

    You are dealing with oldest musical connection known to mankind, from cave dwellers to us. I loved your “music” and adore those bridges you continue to construct.

  3. maria says:

    “These bridges are built from deep listening, from connection, from the sound of skin on skin. One beat at a time. Yours. Mine. All of us. Together. ”

    Ah, yes. There is always a builder in each of us. 🙂

    • paulscribbles says:

      Lol…happy it rocked but seriously…drool? 😉 You’ve heard the drummer jokes right?

      How do you tell if the stage is level?
      The drummer is drooling from both sides of his mouth. ;0

  4. katiemiafrederick says:

    Wow.. the drum circles comes alive and
    while i’ve been invited to a few
    and never made it yet..
    my cousin makes
    a living with
    drums and
    other ways
    of making human
    music in synch with otHers
    iN/oF joy as we connect alive..
    and hehe.. i just dance and just
    finished 6666 miles in 40 months
    all around my metro area jusT for
    fun as measured precisely by GPS
    Nike sports watch too.. i surely have
    some stories wHere dance connects too..
    a Bridge
    oF never
    ending fun
    that continues
    to spread on as..
    sure.. word gets around
    iN Trump Land North Florida..
    when one steps out off a bridge like this..
    in now
    what has
    happy feet
    And foot loose town2..;)

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