too tired to write

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Meeting the Bar with Victoria offering us this prompt. Happy Anniversary.

So for today’s prompt I invite you to delve into the technique of repetition and bring it with you to the bar. I look forward to seeing what you come up with and if I’m a bit late—well, hey—it’s our anniversary.

I am writing through deep tiredness and maybe oncoming illness…who knows…I really am too tired to write…but not to tired to hide a word in the poem 😉

Can you find it?….can you find it?…can you find it? ssshh…don’t tell if you do.


realising that i am shorn of ideas i try

exercising my grey matter in search of a line by

pushing myself through the block

inside the mind of tiredness

trying to take away this feeling of apathy

inside the mind of tiredness

toiling with lazy fingers to somehow feel the flow

inside the mind of tiredness

on a hiding to nothing

nothing left to give


42 thoughts on “too tired to write

  1. kim881 says:

    Such a familiar feeling, Paul! I was so tired last night I had to give up – I couldn’t keep my eyes open – and then when I got into bed, I couldn’t keep them shut and had to read for half an hour. That phrase ‘inside the mind of tiredness’ is like a yawn…

    • paul scribbles says:

      Thanks Sanaa…I really appreciate your support….last night that was my last act before collapsing into deep slumber. I was very tired and perhaps ill…I think there is a virus calling me to it’s clutches. Today we will fight it out :

  2. ladynyo says:

    Ahhhhh…..I am fighting bronchitis and I was there with you!!!! I am so tired and raw….your poem almost put me into a coma…not for disinterest, but for exactitude of feeling. (is that a possible phrase??)

    Good night, Dear Paul.

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