Photo by me

Guest blogger Michael from the blog Morpethroad is offering this prompt for Haibun Monday over at the Pub tonight.

As your guest host today I am asking you to consider the concept of WAITING. We all do it at least once a day. We live in a world where waiting is part of life. At the airport, leaving or awaiting an arrival, in the shops, going to a sporting event, at the train station, the bus stop, even at home waiting to use the bathroom. Draw from your personal experience whether it be a pleasant or unpleasant wait, from the exhilaration of awaiting the arrival of a loved one to the trauma of waiting news of a lost loved one or one who is ill.


The frosty morning air brings my breath into focus.The water running underneath my feet tinkles an icy winter melody. I am perched precariously upon two small boulders mid stream. Crouched to get the angle. Waiting. Waiting. It will come in it’s own time. So I must be still. I must Wait. Water seeps through the hole in my boots. Winter nibbles my toes. My legs are cramping but that moment is not yet upon me. Then it appears. Slowly at first crawling across the ground until it is in my sight. I shoot.

Winter’s morning light

illuminates  green mosses

photographic now

My Haibun is written about the photograph above and how I sat and waited to take it.

39 thoughts on “Snap

  1. kanzensakura says:

    Oh the waiting for the perfect pic. One reason I enjoyed being a photographer’s assisstant…the waiting and then….snap! Most excellent haibun. I’ll be around later to post. I’m waiting…

  2. kim881 says:

    Oh, the patience of a photographer! I love the way you’ve given us a word photograph that touches the senses: the water tinkling ‘an icy winter melody’; the precise image of you ‘Crouched to get the angle’, the water in your boots, winter nibbling your toes and the leg cramps. I was there with you.

  3. lillian says:

    The wintery cold references/images are teriffic here. And I must say….I’m glad it was a photo shoot. I thought, for just a moment, of the hunter with his prey within his scope. Much better to be holding the lens. Great write! 🙂

    • paul scribbles says:

      Aha. You win a prize…I was leading the reader up a path of…well is it hunting or something else…( I did think not to call it snap for that reason…bit of a giveaway…shot might have worked better) Thanks for reading between the lines.

      • ladynyo says:

        Paul? I had a horrible nightmare….my 4 dogs were on bad leashes and pulling me every which way. I was strumbling around trying to get dressed and some evil person threw in 4 tiny kittens into the mix and my shepherd ate one. Yikes. Then I ended up at Emory University (used to work there) at a dog show, and my damn dogs went nuts. I threw myself over a gate and passed out. Then I woke up…at 7:30am….two hours sleep….and threw up. Called the doctor’s office and cancelled the 10am appt. LOL! Then I went back to sleep. What a nightmare! Damn dogs. LOL!

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