noun me a writing

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Tis Poetics night at dVerse and Lillian is hosting with this intriguing prompt:

Verbification, or verbing, is the creation of a verb from a noun, adjective, or other word. Think of the proper name, Google. It’s the name of a company and yet has become a verb as in, “I’ll google that.” Sometimes, as in this example, repetitive use actually turns a noun into a commonplace, albeit new for a while, verb.

BUT – what I’d like you to do today is to write a poem that includes your own unique verbification.

rain me a symphony of sacred sounds

and rhythm me a moment of magic

dance me up a duet of divine delectation

and instrument me in a style of your choosing

let me tumble myself in the spirals of your soft voice

and whisper a song of spirit to the essence of you

sonnet me a melody of the wild North wind

and heart my heart with a silken ribbon of light

gamma me golden then skeleton my soul

and dawn my awakening

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