Bjorn is hosting Quadrille #25 tonight at dVerse and our prompt is Dawn.

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As often with my writing it is stream of consciousness…this offering is dark for me but it is what appeared and so it remains.


I always thought it an odd expression

that day-breaks upon us

for something filled with so much hope

so much light

today in the dark of my own night

and that of our world

it feels that perhaps this time

dawn is broken




53 thoughts on “day-broke

  1. lillian says:

    YES!!! I am glad you let this sit for us to read. It is powerful and timely. Thank you.
    The hits just keep coming and it seems incredulous to me that we can have individuals in such powerful and complicated and responsible jobs that absolutely do not have the competencies to do the work, thoughtful analysis, negotiation, and policy development and vetting they require. On the other hand, the activism sweeping the world, not just the US, is heartening and we must hope it shall be heard by those who can make a difference with their legislative votes.

  2. katiemiafrederick says:

    Perhaps noW A sAddest
    pARt of the last week or
    so.. is aLL the
    folks who
    kNow not
    what they
    do as
    Dawn as Patriachy dARk is
    stuck on repeat.. once again
    as wheels of hope and
    love and fear and
    hate rotate
    so.. predictable..
    when scarCity is state..:)

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