Mothered Earth

Tuesday Poetics over at dVerse and I’m submitting  poem I wrote yesterday. It fits the bill I think.

So, today Lillian is asking us to Have a Heart. 

Include the word “heart” somewhere in your poem. Perhaps some will be clever and we’ll have to search for it: the art is divine; she art thine; hear thy self. Or you might talk about a brave heart, broken heart, your sweetheart, or be heartfelt in your feelings. So many ways to have a heart!

This is a  Triolet* inspired by Sunday’s Imbolc Sweat Lodge** in West Yorkshire.The lodge was a mixed one, male and female, masculine and feminine, and our focus was LOVE and how to remain with an open heart in these times of change.

With love and thanks to all who attended. My Heart has been opened. Tenderised. I aim to walk through this world now as a warrior with trembly knees and a tender open heart.


Deep in the womb of the Mother

Yin and yang unfold their dance

Deep in this place of the other

Deep in the heart of the Mother

Sitting with Sister and Brother

Singing our dreams out from trance

Deep in the Soul of the Mother

Yin and yang unfold their dance


*A Triolet is a poem of fixed rhythmical form, with repeated lines. A Triolet consists of eight lines, the rhyming scheme is: AB, aA, abAB

** Sweat Lodge is a purification ceremony held in a covered dome and making the use of water on hot stones to create the heat/sweat.

46 thoughts on “Mothered Earth

  1. alisonhankinson says:

    I am beginning to be quite fascinated by this form, I like its pattern, I will pluck up the courage to have a go, the image was beautiful and the whole thing was a lovely tribute to nurture and mothering.

  2. Glenn Buttkus says:

    It is so good to stretch ourselves spiritually; so much out there is offered. I once spent a week on an Indian reservation, & every moment of it left me richer, tender, & open armed.

  3. katiemiafrederick says:

    Dreamtime of indigenous
    ancestors reaLiTy
    of now..
    As dance of life
    iN trance of love
    Gone liGht
    aS LiGe oF DancE
    And SonG of soUL..
    animus and anima WoNe..:)

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