Bathe me

img by me

Meet the bar night with Bjorn hosting tonight at dVerse. Expressionism is our theme.

So how should you go about writing as an expressionist?
Here are a few rules (that I’m glad if you break)

Focus on a strong emotion. Love, hate, anger. Layer the poem with thick brushstrokes.

Write the poem in first person (or if third person try to be inside the head of your protagonist)

Use strong and bold “colors”, and juxtapose them to create maximum effect. Put strong and opposite images against each other. Think of metaphors to express emotion.

Distort the perspective. In your poetry you can do this by for instance using flashbacks in time, or maybe even walking in and out of your persona.

Avoid to be bound by form, but don’t refrain from meter, rhymes and the normal poetic tools.


Bruise my lips with your bare knuckle kisses

Break my will beyond any repair

Bury me deep in the crucible of passion

Burn my paper thin defenses


Blinding formless void

Back to then now

Boyhood visions of minute immensity beckon me

Behind walls of mine i am enclosed


Bite my skin tenderly now NOW

Bring me into this present moment

Bind my heart to yours

Burst it joyously


Bathe me in you










34 thoughts on “Bathe me

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    “B”-beauteous, beastly cool, & bitchin’ You rocked the prompt, honored the art, and stoked several fires of passion with those of us who have stopped by.

  2. kim881 says:

    The use of imperatives, telling the reader what to do, makes this poem very commanding and , coupled with the labial plosive ‘B’ at the beginning of every line, sounds like kisses!

  3. Brendan says:

    The passionate encounter is archetypal — reentering the womb — and, as one disciple of Freud put it, symbolic of desire of the first fish to emerge from the sea to return. No entry without dissolution, a tearing down of ego walls, merging into the blue saline soak of Yes. You see all this from the inside, with the heart’s eye probing from some distance below.

  4. lillian says:

    LOVE the title and the image (by “me” — did you paint it?)….and these two lines seem to be ones that could echo off a mountain top for me:

    “Bind my heart to yours
    Burst it joyously”

    Now THESE are real valentine words! 🙂

    • paul scribbles says:

      Hi Lillian…Glad you liked…the picture is mine but is actually a photograph not a painting. It is taken using a slwo shutter speed to capture movement in a different way. This nis a breaking wave upion the beach.

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