in search of Zen

Tis open link night at dVerse tonight with Grace hosting. Photography is mine.

Hi everyone! Welcome to our OpenLinkNight ! This is your opportunity to link 1 poem of your choice as this is no prompt-day. For those who missed the Mr Linky deadline the past week or this Tuesday’s poetics about the “suburb” poem, this is also your opportunity to share your poem.   I also want to remind you that our Haibun Monday is still open the whole week.

a series of Haiku tonight from me…in search of Zen.


sound of one hand claps

winter preceding springtime

i am not writing


winter ice will melt

there is nothing else to know

permanence is not


tall wheat harvested

the cycle of birth and death

no start and no end


in searching for Zen

one must learn how not to look

then one will arrive



45 thoughts on “in search of Zen

  1. therisa says:

    Will admit, haikus aren’t my style, having bad memories of poetry be forced, upon me, with iron force, that turn me off of poetry, for many years, until March 30, 2007, when I wrote my first poem, since June 1990, after graduating, from high school. And yet, find myself, liking your flair with words.

    • paul scribbles says:

      There is nothing to seek. I also think that the line you quote from Matthew is alluding to prayer as opposed to actually ‘seeking’ and interestingly Jesus notes that even prayer is not required in Matthew 6:8….”for your Father
      knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him”
      For me the essence of Zen lies here. The irony is that if we glimpse this moment of higher consciousness, this Oneness, the ultimate realization is that there is nothing to realize.

  2. sanaarizvi says:

    Gorgeously penned, Paul 🙂 especially loved “winter ice will melt there is nothing else to know permanence is not” ❤️

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