blessed be

Our dVerse prompt tonight for Poetics comes from Mish

Today I am asking you to write a poem about one memento. You may use a souvenir from your travels, a photo, a keepsake from a special moment or event, perhaps a small token that is dear to your heart. Let it channel the emotion and significance that it holds for you. Give us a little piece of your past, a glimpse of who you are. If you find this perspective too personal, feel free to use a fictitious memento and/or voice.

photo by me of my then ‘wife to be’ on the beach at Portmeirion 1985


as the camera found you in that pose

sinking like a tai chi master

into the sandy earth

at one with it all

the shutter fired

echoing the last glow of the sun

light touched us both in that moment

and landed squarely on the film

love beckoned us

a universal wave

gently lapping at the shore

of our life to be

‘come in’ it said

all will be well

that evening as we lay together

doing the deep soul eye dance

and touching each other

with exquisite newness

and with such reverence

a door opened and a seed was planted

and we the gardeners of this bliss

we knew

that life was unfolding to another level

9 months on

garden provides harvest

then we two became three

now we are five

and you

you are still

the light in my life


18 thoughts on “blessed be

  1. kim881 says:

    I love the way your poem starts with a pose and ends with a declaration of love, Paul, Favourite liens:
    ‘the shutter fired
    echoing the last glow of the sun
    light touched us both in that moment
    and landed squarely on the film’

  2. Glenn Buttkus says:

    What a romantic you are, brother. You had me at the emotional draw & power of photography. Since my retirement, photography chronicles my travel & creative artistic whims. What joy to pour over thousands of images (remember the expense of the 35mm & slide days?) & recall those moments, those days.

  3. Mish says:

    This is so moving as your love story develops and brings new life, but the ending was what I so wanted to read at the end. How beautiful!

  4. therisa says:

    A romantic sigh, fills me, as I read this poem, Paul, hoping I can find someone, who’s special like you have. Do hope your wife, has seen and read this poem, as a tribute, to your shared love.

  5. lillian says:

    This is absolutely exquisite! A beautiful ode to the love you’ve experienced and the ability of love to grow and expand through time, in a journey with life’s partner. Beautiful!

  6. Nessa says:

    you have truly captured the peace, serenity ,stillness of that time and yet at also the life ahead with its energy and passion ahhhh…….i feel held and cradled by the words you have written …

    Nessa X

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