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Poetics night at dVerse with host Sara McNulty

Your challenge for today is to imagine that you have been given free rein to design any type of building you wish. What would your building look like? shape? materials? size?

Verdant and deep

is my green Earth

She is my foundation

Upon her will I build my home

Spiraling walls of light

to surround and protect

all who dwell here

Sounds of the silence

to inspire and lift the spirit

Sky father will be the roof above

Sister moon

the stars

and brother sun too

bring light for all days

and for all nights

rippling ponds

in the fabric of time

will be the windows

into which you may peer

a spot of soul gazing

let’s you and me

see who we are

our water will run

from the brooks and burns

seeded in the white mountains

tricking it’s music

into our hearts


all the creatures

of this fair land

will be our neighbors

above and below Earth

we will sing together

a song of rich harmony

a melody for the age

foods and fruits will be borne

abundantly from this haven

nothing will go to waste

everyone will share

poets bards and musicians

will regale us

with myth and magic

and we will be home

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